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    Dreamcast keyboard games

    Hi folks, I just won the auction for a keyboard and mouse off ebay, mainly so I could play Half-Life and Typing of the Dead. Does anyone have a list of keyboard-compatible games on the Dreamcast? I'd like to make the most out of this purchase, although keep in mind that playing games online...
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    Sonic Jam on the Saturn

    Hi folks, I recently got an iso for Sonic Jam. However, there are no audio tracks, and I don't have a cue file, so I don't know if there are supposed to be audio tracks on the CD. I haven't burned the CD yet because I want to know if it's complete first. Anyone here know? Thanks!
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    Question about upcoming Return Fire release

    Aye, because the screenshots were auf Deutsch, ich glaubte daß Return Fire...might be in PAL. Damn, my German's really gone down the tubes. Thanks, though. This means I'll be ordering a copy.
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    Question about upcoming Return Fire release

    I would've posted this in the topic about Return Fire, but it got locked. Anyway, I wanted to know if this game displays in PAL or NTSC? I've tried to play a few PAL games on my Saturn (it's an American system with a mod chip installed) and the image is always too big to fit on my TV, usually...
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    Saturn controller problem

    Sorry, I forgot to mention that I had already cleaned both the rubber piece and the contacts with a swab of rubbing alcohol. Unfortunately, it had no effect.
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    Action Replay 4M Plus, where's the extra RAM?

    Action Replay 4M Plus, where's the extra RAM? I had this same problem with my action replay cart which I got in September. I thought it was working fine until I started getting some games that required the 4meg expansion. It worked fine with Metal Slug, which only requires 1 meg, but not with...
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    Saturn controller problem

    Hi everyone. This is my first post, although I've been browsing this forum since August (when I apparently registered -- I don't even remember doing that!). Before I talk about my problem, I just thought I'd say that I found this place very useful for information on modding a Saturn. mal's...