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    Funny Picture/Photochop thread

    Here's a classic film :
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    Funny Picture/Photochop thread

    Here's some more stupidity :
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    Funny Ebay Auctions

    Here's something strange:
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    Too Good To Be True

    Here is what Intel is classifying them as, for what it is worth. Looks like the Infinium Labs webpage is down too.
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    Times are good for upcoming Console RPGs

    This looks to be the tentative lineup: 01.28.03 Skies of Arcadia Legend 02.04.03 Summoner 2: The Prophecy (Gamecube) 02.11.03 .hack://Infection 02.11.03 EverQuest Online Adventures 02.17.03 The Legend of Zelda: Master Quest 02.18.03 Dark Cloud 2 02.18.03 Breath of Fire: Dragon...
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    So Lunar Legend come out tommorrow

    Should be interesting to see how it compares to the WD-esque localization of the game.
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    Give Aussie gamers the R18+ rating!

    I must admit I found signature #2568 pretty funny.
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    Microsoft buys\to buy off Sega!

    Don't be so sure. If you remember, it wasn't more than a few months ago (around E3) that Microsoft was looking to take up the controlling interest in Sega. However the deal fell through do to several un-named reason (one which I heard was that it was because Microsoft was only interested in the...
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    Square absorbed by Enix?!

    That is strange. It's easy to see why this would benefit Enix, since the name value of Squaresoft and it's more broader operations in the European market, along with a more skilled localization team provide a great boost to it's company. Still, why Squaresoft would do it puzzles me. After...
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    Linda 3 for the Saturn

    It looks like a lot of fun, but I'm not sure if it is really that good. Could help me on whether I should make this purchase? Thank you very much.
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    It sound interesting, but you also have to watch the legal reprocussions of doing so. Sonic is a trademarked comodity, and using it's likeness, or the name of a game which may very well still have a copyright held by Sega, can land you in hot water. Ex. Just see
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    Evil Seller/Trader

    Talk to Iceman, I think he helps run that place. I don't think Sega Xtreme will assume any liability for lost items. It's a private deal, person to person.
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    I can't remeber the last time...

    I can't remeber the last time... Over the next six months (Sept to Febuary) all these are coming out: Kingdom hearts Dual Hearts Grandia Xtreme Summoner 2 Legaia of Legaia 2 Wild Arms 3 Suikoden 3 Star Fox Adventures Phantasy Star Online 1 & 2 (gamecube) XenoSaga Star Ocean 3...
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    file compression

    It's a rip, not a cd image, so if you try to burn it, it's not going to work. Just run the .exe and let it do all the work since that's not the games .exe, but a large executable that will be doing some serious decompressing and extracting.
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    Gulliver Boy for the Saturn

    Hi, I was wondering if Gulliver Boy for the Saturn was an rpg, or as gamefaqs calls it, a graphical adventure. I just won it off of Ebay for $11 and had heard some good things about it. Thanks, I appreciate it.
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    Anbody Learned Japanese just to play Games?

    Just wondering?
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    Albert Oddysey

    Do you know what speed the game was ripped at, or what speed you burned it at?
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    Grandia sits at the top of my list.