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    Computer problems! I turned the ribbon cable upside down and plugged it back in and the light went off, however, the drive still doesn't function.
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    Computer problems!

    Ok, I seriously need help with these two problems.... 1) I recently moved and after I set my comp back up the floppy disk drive no longer worked. The computer recognizes it and says it's working properly but I can't get it to read disks. It's not the drive itself because I...
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    problems with bin and cue

    ok, I have a bin and cue that I'm trying to burn but it refuses to burn properly. I've been told to use cdrwin but that doesn't work. How do I successfully burn a bin/cue?
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    Saturn don´t boot !! :(

    sounds kinda like my problem. Is yours a model 1 by chance? and does the access light continously flash?
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    so how do I do that?
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    I'm looking for good sega channels on irc and was just wondering why I can't get onto any efnet servers? can somebody recommend some good sega channels? thanks
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    Sonic Jam on the Saturn

    the worst audio ever is a video game.....the worst.
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    Compact Flash Card

    so I just got an mp3 player and a 256 meg cf card. When I first tried transferring songs it would stop halfway through. I was told to try and format the CF card in FAT. I did this and now whenever I try to access the CF card I simply get the message "no disk in drive". wtf.
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    Problem with Saturn

    I own a model 1 Sega Saturn on which I have recently been disc swapping for a few weeks. Everything worked fine, however, one day when I turned it on the disc did not spin and the access light flashed repeatedly. I can no longer play games. Has anybody else had this problem? Does anybody know...
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    EBAY troubles

    so here's the deal: I bought an mp3 player off a seller on ebay, sent the money and have not received anything several weeks later. My money order has tracking and it has been received and cashed but I've yet to receive anything even though I paid for "priority" shipping. I've sent them...
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    a couple of questions...

    ok, thanks. so are there any good third party companies for controllers and jump/puru puru packs or is recommended to just stay with the official sega gear?
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    a couple of questions...

    has anybody on here ever purchased a DREAMCAST PLAYER'S PAK? Brand new kit for Sega Dreamcast. The kit includes AstroPad, TremorPak, and 6-Foot controller extension cable. AstroPad comes in BLACK COLOR only, red is sold out. Brand new in box. ---is the controller and tremor pak shit? I need a...
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    Paypal FAQ (for me)

    another paypal question.... I added a credit card to my account and received a confirmation number on my credit card bill, however, I can't figure out how to use this confirmation number.
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    Items for Sale

    I'm definitely interested. could you please tell me what the manufacturer's date is of the dreamcast unit?
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    Items for Sale

    I'm interested in the dreamcast. What does it come with and where in Canada are you located?
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    How to burn games with 2 data/ISO tracks

    yeah you're right. it was just a stupid little error you mentioned that I didn't notice. thanks. finally a burnt dual data track game that works perfectly!!!!
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    How to burn games with 2 data/ISO tracks

    could someone please help me wtih this cuesheet for Nights? I used binchunker to convert the bin/cue to iso/wav. When I try to burn I get a message saying error on line 4. FILE "NIGHTS T01 Mode1 2048.iso" BINARY TRACK 01 MODE1/2048 INDEX 01 00:00:00 FILE "NIGHTS T02 MODE2/2336.iso"...
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    disc swapping hell

    yes! I had a bin/cue of street fighter zero 2 that I converted with binchunker and it works like a dream now.
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    disc swapping hell

    excellent. thank you.
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    Phantasy Star Collection

    sorry. japanese only.