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    easier, undocumented 50/60hz mod?

    Apparently it has been documented on the French Saturn megasite, Segakore: but I guess nobody has ever made mention of it in English anywhere lol I ran it through Google Translate, and it seems like there are a number of variables involved...
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    easier, undocumented 50/60hz mod?

    Long story short, I decided to clean up the messy wiring/installation job I had done on all my different Saturn mods over the course of the last 14 years. At one point, I had done the Pin 79 mod just for sake of completion (I live in an NTSC territory, and I don't think there are any...
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    Japanese sega saturn mod model 2 - what have I done wrong..

    If the systeam was able to read discs before the modchip, do not fiddle with the laser's potentiometer. There are a number of different things you might have done wrong, but when you make one post with a book's worth of unbroken text, it's hard to try and help you troubleshoot. - are you...