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    The game doesn't need a very good gfx card, really. You can EASILY run it on a 900mhz CPU and a 32MB TNT2 card. So, as you can see i'm sure you will be able to play it. I get 60fps in full details on a 900mhz and a 64MB GeForce MX440 card. :cool:
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    Yes, it definitely looks MUCH better on the PC. Anyway, it's a good game, if not a bit difficult to control your car. I've found myself getting pissed at the controls for too many times. :damn: I don't see any innovative power-ups, just the same old stuff. The track editor is a nice touch.
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    My version also has that bug. Yes, it's another sad event in the "stupidly lazy PSX-to-Saturn ports" chapter.
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    Sega Ages Vol. 1

    Great compilation. One of the best (if not THE best) compilations on the Saturn. I love Out Run and Space Harrier, though i'm crappy at After Burner.
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    New SSF :D

    Suburban Museum had that. A cool effect indeed. [/b] One of the most impressive effects i've ever seen on any console IMO. :agree
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    N64 and Neo Geo

    The N64 doesn't have a pre-made title screen. Some Nintendo games have the N64 logo when you turn the game on, but they're different on each game. The Neo-Geo has a Neo-Geo title screen on all games, but they aren't on memory, they are put on each cart. About loading... Neo-Geo carts have no...
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    Narrow down Saturn "Best Games" List

    is that a bad thing? [/b] :agree Hehe... You are right. All i was saying is Tomb Raider is not that bad. It was revolutionary anyway, either on a good or a bad sense.
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    Narrow down Saturn "Best Games" List

    I agree. What's wrong with Tomb Raider? People seem to have an uncontrollable feeling of hatred towards this game. I guess i'll never understand that. :huh If it weren't for Tomb Raider, we wouldn't have the 3D behind-the-view games we all play nowadays. I know, Tomb Raider wasn't the first...
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    Narrow down Saturn "Best Games" List

    Yes i am VBT. I was the one who shared Nissan Overdrivin GTR. Good to meet you here!
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    Narrow down Saturn "Best Games" List

    Usual 15 fps? Drops to 2 or 3 fps? :omg: What game are you playing? Is it the PC version on a 486 CPU? The Saturn version runs at something between 20-25 fps, and if played at Time Trial mode (without other cars) the game reaches a constant 30 fps. I second VBT's opinion on this, i hated Sega...
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    Narrow down Saturn "Best Games" List

    Darius Gaiden, of course. An average game that has nothing new to offer. Why was it on the list anyway? :huh
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    Mickey Mania

    It is a good game. But it isn't a groundbreaking title, just a solid platformer. Nothing special about it that makes it stand out from the rest. But i have to say that the front-view running level has very nice effects
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    Scariest Games....

    The first Silent Hill is THE most scariest game ever. Silent Hill 2 doesn't seem to be as scary as the first one, tough.
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    Are you sure about that? I thought the frame rate on the Saturn version wasn't very good. On the 3rd level, at the area where you face the t-rex, the frame rate gets really bad. Is the PSX version worse than that?
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    I completely agree. Having thousands of games is very good, but you never spend too much time on them. I have almost 300 Saturn games, and although this is a very nice number, i think that if i had just a few games i'd play them to the very end instead of the usual 10-15 minutes play i'm used to...
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    Saturn Manuals

    Nice site Edge. I hope you'll be able to make a near complete US games collection with the help of some people. If you're interested, i can scan the manuals of Golden Axe: The Duel, Herc's Adventures, Skeleton Warriors and Guardian Heroes.
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    Virtual Volleyball... What an awful game. Terrible gameplay, and laughable graphics.
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    WHY does Final Fight Revenge use the 4MB RAM cart?

    That's strange. I'm playing the arcade version right now on Zinc and there is no switching players mid gameplay. It's only allows switching characters after each round. What were the buttons to switch? [/b] I'm pretty sure the arcade version is just like the PSX version: you're only allowed...
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    legend of oasis

    Nice! I didn't know that. What can you tell us about it?
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    I completely disagree. I think Tempest 2000 is an excellent game. It's not really THAT bad IMO.