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    tech support is f*@&% awesome...

    tech support is f*@&% awesome... Hhmm....This reminds me of the shit Comcast pulls....I had an RCA modem they were renting to me for about 8 months. I constantly had problems with it. The little blinking green light became my most familiar associate at the computer. So, I called and told them...
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    Good Seller/Trader

    Soup or man. That's all I have to say. He traded some stuff with me, and he even boxed it up with the little fluffy packaging peanut things. We had some minor problems on getting the stuff out on time, but he tossed in some extra stuff. ) So, yes, I would definitely suggest him as someone to...
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    Hookups! Cables! AHH!

    So, it's official. We're all hoarders.... I traded my N64 (for which I still had the box and all included manuals) for an NES with some games today. It runs perfectly. None of that "let's wiggle the console and blow out the games" crap to get it to work. So, yeah, I now have an NES, a Saturn, a...
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    Square absorbed by Enix?!

    WAIT! I just noticed this: April 1st....April Fool's Day....I now pray. ::Crosses fingers::
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    Square absorbed by Enix?!

    No, this sucks, anyway. What the hell? So, now we have Final Dragon Quest 13/8? Final Fantasy will never be the same again....All I have to say is that Enix had better sit its happy ass back and leave Square to handle the American market. I don't ever want to see a game like Final Fantasy...
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    Phantasy Star collection

    Then you need to open it up and change the battery.[/b] Hey. My copy of Shining Force has that same problem. What the hell kind of screwdriver or nutdriver can I use to get those screws out of the back of a Genesis cartridge?
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    Song of the South? LD wtf?

    < RANT AGAIN > What the Hell? OK....The banned list thingie. These are books that parents/community members, etc. feel should not be read by public school students. I read The Catcher in the Rye last year in 11th AP Literature. The college prep students (we don't have anything below college...
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    Song of the South? LD wtf?

    Actually, yes. The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn is on the top 5 list of banned books in the United States public school system. (I think its either number 1 or 2. Wait....I think The Catcher in the Rye holds the number one spot). At any rate, I know that AP high school students are allowed to...
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    EB Games

    I convinced a friend of mine to trade in his SNES, SNES games, and NES games in favor of a Dreamcast last night. He got his DC for $40 at Babbage's (affiliate of Gamestop). Controllers are still $10 used, and VMUs are $8 used. There is no price difference between of the colors, though. Babbage's...
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    Song of the South? LD wtf?

    Yeah....racist. Something about happy-go-lucky slave. Yay. I'm so glad I can be a great slave for my loving white plantation owner who beats me repeatedly in the head every day when he looks at me funny. But that's OK because I'm just a lowly black slave and I'm happy to pick your cotton, master...
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    Ratamahatta's Back

    Ratamahatta's Back Yeah....Someone told me that once....(Check out my user title) ) Hehe. ::Shrugs:: Whatever. At least they didn't lie about me.
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    Newbie Forum

    ::sighs:: Why must everyone hate extensive reading? Yeah....I was gonna start an FTP server....Then, I learned it violates my contract with Comcast....So....damn. I've been told I could just set the port to some really high number (over 1500), but I don't really think that's sufficient for...
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    Proud Parent of an Adopted Dreamcast

    Well, it was really $10 for Silver, but taxes, ya know....All the other prices....Yeah, those are right.
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    Proud Parent of an Adopted Dreamcast

    1 Dreamcast with a year long warranty (Used) 2 Controllers (1 of those was brand new) 1 Visual Memory Unit (Brand New) 1 copy of NFL 2K (It was $0.99....used, obviously) 1 copy of Silver (Used) Total Price = $86 WHO is your father? It's about damn time I got a Dreamcast....Now....what...
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    So, Respond to This

    ....Shit....I posted the same thing twice....My mistake. This is me turning this into something somewhat relevant. Um....yeah, I still want to know about Evolution and its sequel, though. I was just kidding when I said all I was interested in was the quote response.
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    So, Respond to This

    Damn, Raijin Z, you're good. And, yeah, I left the author off for a reason. So, I'm not trying to plagiarize or anything. It just creates response bias once everyone knows who said it.
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    So, Respond to This

    "Life's but a walking shadow, a poor player that struts and frets his hour upon the stage." If you don't know, then just respond, anyway, because I need some responses for AP Lit. But just so this post will have something video game related, what do you guys think about Evolution and Evolution...
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    The Most Frightening Experience of My Life

    ::Exaggerated sigh of relief:: Just breathe with me. Thanks, guys.
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    The Most Frightening Experience of My Life

    Yeah, OK, this has never happened to me before. So, I was hoping someone would offer some sort of helpful, calming news for me (Eh-hem. ::Cough:: Arakon....::Cough: I was just screwing around with Google checking out Dreamcast emulation stuff (SX was down. What else did I have to do?). And this...
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    Playstation Disc Swap

    Simple question. I'm sure somebody knows the answer to it. I just wanted to know if the method for playing burned games on the Playstation is similar to that of the Saturn (i.e., disc swapping). I know the Saturn determines the format of the CD in the console, then checks the security strip, and...