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    this give you a touch of nostalga?

    THAt Was MY Orthodontists! He had one with outrun and sonic and a bunch of others, that was so long ago!
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    panzer dragoon orta

    thats an intretesting analogy
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    First new system purchase

    Apple IIGS? does that count? i play arkinoid for hours and hours and hours ... memorys , that and Think Quick that was a quality game
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    What's your username mean?

    What's your username mean? I was reading shogun at my joining time to this site, so i just messed up Toronga's heir's name. ITs exciting in my mind!
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    Can Saturn do component output?

    Yes the saturn can do component video, i have the cable myself
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    What song are you listening to?...continued

    By Alota Haynes and Jeremiah, about my home town, LSD(LAKE SHORE DRIVE) Yeah i'm on the LSD
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    Fav Current Generation System Poll

    If the XBOX could download porn i would buy one
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    Ever since mysticales left

    thats my birthday, i'll stop by for a game
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    Ok, now why doesn't the U.S. adopt this?

    Ok, now why doesn't the U.S. adopt this? little rash there, beating someone to a pulp because they touch your ass?
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    Ok, now why doesn't the U.S. adopt this?

    Ok, now why doesn't the U.S. adopt this? See the main problem with people who say things like being gay is sick and wrong, is that they are also teh same people who say slavery was just "a way of life" and the north should have just learned to live with it, I know these people, have your own...
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    Super Famicom Questions!

    mine came with a component video cable and a special connector 9v Powersupply , just go to radio shack they've got um
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    Super Famicom Questions!

    Yes i bought one from radioshack to go with my SFamicom bought for 600 yen
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    no way to find ?

    If you looked in this website it would say go to the ftp section, and you would also find a long trail of dead users and a man named Arakon walking towards you.
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    multiple files

    use nero burnign rom and burn it as a bin + cue, that should be much easier
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    multiple files

    and iso is a cd image not a Winrar executable? mixed up registry keys?
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    When i played it on saturn this is what it looked like in my head
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    What do you think of the new Sonic music video?

    It was allright , i like the they call me sonic one better
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    So you dont mean the animayhem cards, which i own some of and are much rarer and more downtrodden
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    Porting of new Sega Games

    Hey we live in the United $tates of America, Yeah Captilisim!
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    Best Big Screen for Video Gaming?

    Your wrong