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    Need help burning, I am retarded

    Hi, I've got a quick question. I just downloaded a game, and it is .cdi extension. I tried to put it in on a search engine, but that didn't help. Can someone please tell me what program I need to use? thanks
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    action replay plus 4mb

    I just bought this action replay plus 4mb cartridge. I put it in, see the cheat menu, okay. Next, I copy some saved games from the system to the cart. Next, I load a game, but the cartridge itself is not being registered by the system. I couldn't access my saved games in the AR. Next, I went to...
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    Does Drew Carey Have a Sega Saturn?

    I was watching some Drew Carey on Syndication tonight, and noticed that Drew Carey has a Sega Saturn on top of his VCR. Does anyone know if it's a model one or model two? ;)
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    Samurai Swords

    I went to a maritime museum this past weekend, and saw a display of Katana Blades. This little spiel said that those on display were from surrendering soldiers that were captured by the U.S.S Missouri (could be wrong about the ship's name). Anyways, it continues on by saying that so many...
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    People Who play Capcom VS. SNK ?

    Just wanted to know who plays capcom vs. snk. Haven't really play it a lot before, but my school has it in it's arcade, and that's what I usually play during my breaks. I'm not too good, but I'm getting better day by day. I think this is better than Marvel Vs. Capcom 2; because I'm tired of...
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    Saturn Got Screwed

    I just got a saturn for $10.00 at a yardsale, but the case had no screws to bind it together. The guy wrapped it with a rubber band to keep the casing from falling apart. I was wondering does anyone know the size of the screws I should get so I can screw them on myself?
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    Dumb Newbie, Dumb questions

    Hi all, I'm a dumb newbie, but actually I've been lurking here for about a 8 months some reason, but I still haven't got a 50hz/60hz switch, nor anything that'll let you play backups :( . Though, I have been swapping u.s. games, I have a question about the 50hz/60hz switch...I've read the...