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    hooray for broadband!!!

    i finally got roadrunner running on this computer im thinking of running an ftp from here. which proggie do you recommend?
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    one of the girls who went to my school last year was killed few days ago. she was burned, then someone chopped her legs off and shot her in the head. but the sad part is, in about 2-3 weeks from now, no one will remember her! i mean it;s true that people do go when their time is up and we (at my...
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    i was watching batman forever today, and it just struck me. a super-genius invents the "box", with black casing with green glowing lights, to control people's minds... could it be that possibly, bill gates stole riddler's ideas?
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    Sega CD movie player i dont think it would even run on mine but can someone test it out?
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    Nester 5.0

    Nester 5.0 works like a miracle!! it's just...perfect! i never bothered with v4.x because i was kind of sort of skeptical after 3.0 but 5.0 is just so.....good! now, if only DreamSNES can get up to that level ^_^
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    game based on futurama license i wonder if it;s gonna be just like the shitty 203948203894 simpsons-licensed game on NES
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    i'm sad

    this is the type of positive media coverage (south) korea's been getting lately. the picture here remember, it's your choice whether you take a peek or not. that's the main reason i put a LINK to the pic, not a href'ed (img'ed in this case). but let me just caution that it made me really...
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    shameless people who clame to be "DJ"s

    hehe... these people are so shameless... in downtown houston, there's this part where it's all (i mean ALL) vietnamese shops around. literally, every other shop is a "ph'o" (vietnamese noodle soup) restaurant.. anyway, i found this nifty shop where they sell asian music (hong kong and...
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    hey l@@k here!

    well, i guess this is more of a derevitave from the "heh" post. but anyhow we (yes, we, as in all two of us) should work on strategies on luring ppl into nx...maybe even snag some over from sx!!! so i thought maybe we can start a list of things to do.. and i'll have the honor of going first 1...
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    ok. first of all, i thought of posting this under nintendoxtreme forum, but no one checks it. then i thought of posting under wanted/sale but it does not quite fit there. anyway, my point...well more of a question...whatever x_x ive been thinking of purchasing an n64, for the sole purpose of...
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    Elektra and Wolverine

    i went to the usual comic book store today, to find the first two volumes of 'elektra and wolverine'. if was the first time i saw it, and when i saw the cover, i was like, wtf? it's marvel comics, collabo with FF's Yoshitaka Amano!!!! elektra resembles terra from ff6, except she's more..bulk? is...
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    hooray for me, i just went to radio shack and got batteries for my old old old vmu. (and went to bestbuy to buy 2 more vmu) so now that i have enough space to actually put vmu games on them (i have never done before), which ones do you recommend?? is that soul calibur vmu game off of sega's...
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    ok here's me i have never used irc in my life so i downloaded mirc today and now what? i tried to connect to "Random US EFNet Servers" and that didnt work so can anyone tell me how (step-by-step) to log on to #segaextreme? thnx
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    smash pack

    see genny forum
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    smash pack

    **disclaimer** i dont know if this is the right place or not, and please dont start flaming me until u have read the complete thing. (in other words, DONT BAN ME W/O WARNING;) **disclaimer** ok ive read this post the other day i dont know if...
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    my order of rez (j) finally came in..and its as good as they said it was going to be!!! and more!!! simply put, it's the trippiest game ever!! (possibly because of the wireframe graphics and my trusty ol' vga-box) its one game u dont want to play while trippin on acid (this will scare the SHIT...
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    Lamers on EBAY

    i already posted same message over at nintendoxtreme, but for your viewing pleasure, ctrl-v ---------- haha look at this one it's kind of funny some lamer claims he found a rare copy of FF2 English read the details for...
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    **L@mers** on EBAY - FF2 English? ^_^

    haha look at this one it's kind of funny some lamer claims he found a rare copy of FF2 English read the details for yourself BUT one detail i cant believe he left in!!! look at the cartridge label. notice anything... interesting? i...