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    Sorry to bother you guys; whenever i burn a game wioth tells me that the burn is successful, but when i go to my burner in Windows Explorer and click on it to see the contents of the cd that is in the drive it says "please insert cd" - the game is actually burned i can see the...
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    New Dev Link

    This site has some dc dev info and i think there were some downloads too...
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    Laser Intensity

    You know how the intensity of the laser can be adjusted in the Saturn...Can this be done with a regular CD Player..(discman)...? (I do by original CDs...this is soley if i want to try a new artist and listen before i buy)
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    Saturn Dev Link

    here's a link to a saturn development site...its in japanese but there are tools available for download...maybe some of u can use them?
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    PSO V2

    There have been many problems surrounding PSO v2....first of all the majority of people can't connect using the url (only on dc...connection problem) provided on the DC by Sega to purchase the Hunter's License... if u can't get to it using a DC then use your PC or use this on your DC...
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    Segata World

    I downloaded a few games from this site (they are all in Disc Juggler Format... .cdi) I wanted to convert the .cdi image to .iso + mp3 but whenever i try to open it with cdmage or another converter program it says that it can't find the track start marker and the image is invalid.... Anyone...
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    Langrisser 4

    I started up langrisser 4 and this lady is talking in japanese...then several options(she asks you to pick one..or respond..) are displayed in japanese so i started picking at random....then more options...pick at random..more options...i think i'm going in circles... Anyway which...