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    How old is SX ?

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    How old is SX ?

    I believe the year was 1998.
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    Build some 64bit debs for this shit mang! :sheep:
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    I remember you. You were the one pretending to be a girl and made a post about it one day. That thread was classic.
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    Someone's in love with Amy Rose (You must watch this!)

    That totally reeks of something cloud would do for a girl in a game. hahahaha
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    Um hi?

    wouldn't you? haha
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    Um hi?

    I was in Japan drinking by the riverside with friends. That fro got passed around more than a cheerleader in the boys locker room. ;)
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    Um hi?

    You guys are creepy.
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    oops, adblock blocks them.
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    New Forums

    man this thing is clunky and the colors are weird -_-
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    New Forums

    this is the ugliest thing i've seen in a long time
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    Biggest Gamming Store Ever!

    There was a store around me that was similar to that store except it was spread out over 3 floors so it was a bit neater. Unfortunately it closed last month. :(
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    No topic about the FIFA World Cup ?

    man even though japan sucked they threw the best parties. got drunk in an arena with 20k people in it! woo
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    Farewell SX

    I thought you got obsessed with some jap chick and were trying to hit that cross continental?
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    Farewell SX

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    PlayStation 3 Price...

    yea, you just said burner, not player.
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    GENTLEMEN, behold! GeneSNES.

    yes you are indeed lame trying to be a computer. you ever touched a girl, or would that fry your circuits?
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    Shining Force III Premium Disk Translation

    Since you obviously have a hard time reading, this will be my last post on the subject unless something of actual substance comes up. I wasn't bashing the effort of hacking the game, the game is not easy to deal with, I'm saying he's doing a disservice to the game and the people playing it by...
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    Shining Force III Premium Disk Translation

    i never claimed to 'know it so well' as you put it. also, do you speak any foreign languages? have you ever sat down and tried to accurately translate a book for the masses? it's the same process and about the same amount of text in some cases, even fluent speakers of languages takes lots of...
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    Shining Force III Premium Disk Translation

    not until the font is done and we know it's 100% possible :P