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    AM2 planned to license Shenmue development tools

    It is great news that licence is coming for this kit. I don't know any other games which use this kits excluding Shenmue 1 and Shenmue 2 which have not the good graphics and animations. I hope that a game having good graphics and best animations should developed soon.
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    PSYQ Saturn

    It is the playstation SDK kit which should run with proper compiler. I have it from last two months and I got a much better compiler for it. I am enjoying the creation of new games with this SDK kit. It is also beneficial for creating homebrew for the PSX.
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    Linux SegaCD/Saturn Burning HOWTO

    Hey I have never heard about what you have posted here. Can you share any more information with me relating to it? I think it is a older version but somewhere it is good. I search out for its newer version but I didn't find even this version also. I am using my burning software my Linux...
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    Looking for good free firewall

    I would like to suggest you the COMODO firewall which is the good one. Also the ZoneAlarm is one of the best firewall application that prevents from unauthorised accesses and it has been passed out the Leak test which proves its capabilities. COMODO also prevents you from buffer overflow critic.
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    McAFee and EsetNod32 are good antivirus programs. I am using EsetNod32 which prevents my system from virus attacks. And for firewall security I prefer ZoneAlarm which is the best one and passed out the Leak test also.