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    Saturn question

    Off topic, but Little Monica rules.
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    WTF? Panzer Dragoon Saga Problem

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    Very rare saturn ? item

    Yeah you can. PC games that is.
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    Very rare saturn ? item

    The Saturn games released in the era most likely supported it. (Virtua Fighter 2, Sega Rally, Daytona, Panzer Dragoon 1-2, Virtua Cop) I remember some other old games having options to use "3d acceleration" not through Direct3d but by choosing what card you have, and the "Diamond Edge" was an...
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    Very rare saturn ? item

    Damn I wish I had one of those. FYI its not a Saturn emulator per se, and it doesn't even have basic DirectX support so you can't use it for much else then for simple video display. Some early games did took use of its 3d capabilities though (Yes, it was a 3d accelerator, but it used forward...
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    Why did Radiant silvergun never make it to the DC

    It was made by Treasure, not SEGA. They probably didn't waste time converting it because, well, it was a Saturn game not a DC game.
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    Next-Gen Sonic Hands-On and Videos
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    Problem with SSF

    the author of SSF just recently said that you should use over cd images instead of originals as originals can screw with the very sensitive timing that SSF emulates.
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    What's your fave torrent proggy?

    What's your fave torrent proggy? Bittornado.
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    PDS crasheing in Giri Giri

    it was clonecd with cuesheet. originals work on my comp without any kind of tinkering around. (set the CD Drive letter under %windir%/profiles/saturn/user.ini or whereever you put your girigiri saves, and have ASPI installed, thats all i did.) Under xp.
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    PDS crasheing in Giri Giri

    SSF is reported to run at full speed on the developers amd64 x2 4400+. Saturn emulation won't need a pentium 2978429 2348ö2 ghz cpu. and girigiri-gav runs panzer dragoon saga fine, although I played it for a total of 20 minutes maybe. So I don't know if theres some specific point at which it...
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    Problem with SSF

    SSF can use both IOCTL or ASPI under winxp and 2k. Try fiddling with that. ASPI will of course only work if you have it installed. I got SSF working on XP with originals without any problems ever. If you have some kind of IDE driver installed (nForce, VIA), try removing those.
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    Canned games for Saturn?

    I'm sure that Fighting Force was almost completed, one of the saturn demo discs had a playable demo for it. I also heard that Eternal Champions was completed and cancelled at the last minute. A user here has dev versions of several of those unreleased games, including Return Fire (which is...
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    What are the most rare genesis titles?

    does that even exist? it could've been just a hack for Sonic Compilation.
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    The Best Saturn Games

    I also recommend Baku Baku. that game was wicked. And Bug and VF Kids should be put back on the list. You may also remove Xmen vs SF - its a spectecular game, but the infinities ruin it really. MSHvsSF topped it anyway.
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    Segata Sanshirou Shinkenyugi

    That PC one is not a game, from what I could gather. And it's damn rare.
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    Whats the funniest anime you have seen so far?

    FLCL is untoppable. Not only is it the funniest, but has such an insane amount of small details that its almost a new experience every time you watch it. Plus theres the story, which is only explained at the very end - so if you rewatch the whole thing once more, you understand more and more...
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    Team Cassini

    Their forums are still up and provoding downloads for cassini 5 (!!)...
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    Team Cassini Not sure if that's the latest one, but this is the one that Snail & Barnito & co. ripped off.
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    New Sega Genesis Music Format

    All I can say is to check out the VGM format at And perhaps incorporate this kind of ripping into the VGM format if possible (no need for yet another, third format, VGM is already pretty nice and can handle multiple systems).