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    Unfinished RPGs

    Secret of Evermore(SNES) - played it a few hours and hated it Abadox(NES) - impossible to beat unless you have a game genie, I say! FF8 - hated it,never got out of the first city Quest for Glory V(PC) - just wasn't as good as the others, somewhere after becoming a member of the Thieves guild...
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    Lunar:Silver Story mp3 question

    I found some for SonicCD on KaZaA with little effort so I don't think it'd be that hard if I had the names or at least a number of songs to look for.
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    Lunar:Silver Story mp3 question

    I downloaded Lunar: The Silver Star Story for SegaCD, but I only got the ISO. Were there any MP3's along with it, if so, can anyone tell me what they were so maybe I can get them on KaZaA or WinMX? Or if you really want I'll set up an FTP for SegaCD and 3DO... Thanks in advance!
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    DC Hub

    DC is awesome... please register me too! and what's with the bot?
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    SegaCD Memory cartridges...

    As the title describes, does anyone know if you get a developer cartridge, if you can make it into a memory cartrdige for SegaCD? I really wouldn't see why not, unless it needs a file system or something. If so, does anyone have a ROM for it? As I have been scouring the Net and I've found few...
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    What's your favorite game?

    What's your favorite game? Uh... Crystalis wans'nt shitty in my opinion. As, it was different than any other RPG I've ever played. It was more action based. The storyline wasn't bad, the graphics, for NES, were both smooth and fast. The battle system, and the fact that there WASN'T one (as in...
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    What's your favorite game?

    What's your favorite game? System by system... NES - Crystalis (The ONLY SNK US RPG... ), Final Fantasy, Contra, Legend of Zelda SNES - FF2/FF3, F-Zero, Chrono Trigger Genesis - Shining Force (1/2), all sonic games, Road Rash II SegaCD - Shining Force CD, Lunar, Lunar Eternal Blue...
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    ATT Broadband FTP/Sega CD cases/serial mouse?

    I will just go in order. Is anyone running an FTP running it off of AT&T Broadband? If so, do you have to have a limit on the upload? In other words, is there anything I should do to avoid notice, so they don't question my usage of the internet? (Reason: I have 20 gigs to devote to SegaCD...
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    Purchasing a new cd burner...

    I use an ATAPI 40x24x10 burner... it works really well, but when I bought it, it was on sale... If you have the cash, get a plextor burner. Everyone else covered the others, but ATAPI are ok too...