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    SegaSaturn Developer’s Documentation Version 2.50 - English translation

    Hey guys, great to see the community so active here! I'm dropping in because I had some time to do a few long overdue updates to my site at Exodus Technical Documentation, finally adding the "SegaSaturn - Developer Tool Kit" from August 1997 that's been around for years now. Since this CD...
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    DC Boot Screen

    Hmmm, well I know that it does that if I switch a game to run in NTSC mode through my PAR. You need to have the PAR device to do this of course, and have a TV that supports NTSC mode, or a VGA box to run it through a monitor.
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    Saturn header info

    Good stuff. Thanks.
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    What the heck is this on the modchip

    Just take comfort from this: However bad it ends up, it'll never end up worse than my attempt to mod a PSone.
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    Saturn header info

    I need a document that lists what each part of the saturn header relates to. Its such a simple thing I'd expect it to be somewhere, but I've looked all over and I can't find one. Maybe I'm just blind or something. The first part is simple enough, but I need information about the last 0x30 bytes...
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    this idea a had...

    I theorised a few years back that the security track was burned at a different density to the rest of the cd. Something similar used to be done on floppys in the past I heard, where they would write an abnormal number of sectors in a ring, and unless the hardware is told to read the information...
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    Software code to activate SMS mode in Genesis 1

    As Excyber mentioned, that only switches the graphics mode the VDP is in. It switches the screen to the SMS resolution, but nothing more. You might want to ask this qustion over at the sega emulation forums. There are a lot of people ther qutie diverse in the ways of the genesis, and IIRC, a...
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    Audio files

    The ADPCM format just contains raw PCM data in a compressed format. There should be heaps of utilities out there to convert readily between the formats. Here's the first one I found when I did a search:
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    Genesis ROMS on hardware

    Your best bet would be to build yourself a flashcart and a linker. The flashcart is pretty easy, it's just a flashrom on a small PCB, the reader/writer is the main trick.
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    Panzer Dragoon Orta

    I don't believe that it was Japanese. They made a whole new language for this game.
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    Is it possible to play Gen ROMS on SCD?

    *Spends a minute translating* I need to brush up on my technobabble.
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    Which SEGA logo animation

    Either the Taz or the Vectorman one for me.
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    Panzer Dragoon Orta

    I tell you what, it pissd me off something bad when I went down to get my copy of this demo, only to find that they have different demos in the mag here (Australia) and PDO wasn't on it. I'm hoping it'll be in next months mag, seeing as it's release date is a month later down here (1st of Febuary).
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    I know pretty much everything there is to know about Sonic Xtreme. Swing by and check the xtreme section. We've got an interview with Chris Senn, who was in charge of the project. We also have a shitload of beta snapshots, artwork, midi's, and there are the full sprite...
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    what's the easiest way to play CD-rw without a mod

    what's the easiest way to play CD-rw without a mod Just hit the search engine, you might be surprised. When it came to modding my PSone, I just went to a search engine and found four places in my local area that install modchips on systems. They even provide package deals where if you buy your...
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    What games boot sonic jam?

    Becuase i've got better things to spend my money on, and doing the swap trick is more impressive .
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    Looking for arcade game

    Someone replied to your topic .
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    What games boot sonic jam?

    If I swap the disk while the lens is moving from the outer track to the inner one, it jumps back to the outer ring and tries to find that block of data again. I've tried variations on my timing, and it only works if I make the second swap within one perticular second. Too early and it jumps back...
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    Looking for arcade game

    Ask at the arcade@home forums ( There's a whole section for people who can't remember the name of a game.
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    Ir controller for saturn mod for dpadpro

    The only way to determine that would be to measure the voltage and current on each pin when you're using it on the genesis, and then do the same when you're using it on the PC. I doubt anyone would have that information on hand. If you've got the equipment, just DIY.