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    Make a CPK video disc

    But my frame rate is more less than 30 fps...23.976 for exacly. "Split it into multiple files." OK...thanks.
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    Make a CPK video disc

    i follow your recommendation however just show a black screen in Saturn, but i can play normally using Potplayer. Can you explain me where i am be wrong ? My cpk sample is attached. Sorry my english is very poor. Thanks !
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    Help...Modify a scenes images from a V.G Advanced

    Hello, fellows. I have a little project, and i wish help. V.G. Advanced is game initial release in PC98 plataforms with hentai scenes. More later is launched in Sega Saturn and PSX Consoles, however the game was censored. My ideia is launch a x-rated version for Sega Saturn, what tool i need to...