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  1. Mr^Burns

    A bunch of Sega Saturn stuff (Sold)

  2. Mr^Burns

    List of all bilingual Saturn games

    Dark Hunter: Jou Ijigen Gakuen Dark Hunter: Shita Youma no Mori Wizardry Llylgamyn Saga EMIT Vol. 1 EMIT Vol. 2 EMIT Vol. 3 Any more?
  3. Mr^Burns


    I used a cdrw on my saturn back in 2005, worked for about 2 years before the laser became too weak
  4. Mr^Burns

    Photo CD based games that you can play on your Sega Saturn if you have a mpeg/vcd card

    Yeah just open and replace the images with a iso tool Photo CD tech is very basic
  5. Mr^Burns

    Ys remake for Saturn fan translation 0.1 alpha patch by Murzik
  6. Mr^Burns

    Marshall's Pc-Engine emulator for the PC-FX compiled by Gameblabla

    "This isn't my work but i noticed it in marshall's bitbucket account and thought i should compile it to see how it performs. It is surprisingly in a very advanced state, although the speed is lacking. (and there are some glitches as well) If you can find a slower paced game for the PC Engine...
  7. Mr^Burns

    Panasonic M2 SDK dumped by Video Game Esoterica
  8. Mr^Burns

    Source code for the 3DO operating system uploaded to
  9. Mr^Burns

    Kurohyou 2: Ryu ga Gotoku Ashura Hen - (Yakuza PSP Spinoff) translated by TeamK4L Download patch:
  10. Mr^Burns

    Radirgy translation for Dreamcast by wiredcrackpot

    "Most of the text is ported from the Wii version that was released in the US. It’s not a great translation, but it’s alright. Tested and working on real hardware from start to finish with no bugs."
  11. Mr^Burns

    Partial translation of Senken Kigyouden for Saturn by Retro Dad

    "What's this: A few months back i decided to play through this turn based RPG game as its one i have been meaning to complete for a while now. There isn't a great deal of footage online for the Saturn version, so I thought I would make a trailer. Does this game have English text: The game has...
  12. Mr^Burns

    Unreleased Road Riot 4WD for Megadrive dumped by Hidden Palace
  13. Mr^Burns

    Fire Pro Wrestling Gaiden Blazing Tornado v.9 & 6 Men Scramble v.9 translations for Saturn released by Malenko

  14. Mr^Burns

    Unreleased sidescroller beat'em up Out of the Vortex for Megadrive dumped by Hidden Palace
  15. Mr^Burns

    Unreleased Space Hero for Megadrive dumped by Hidden Palace
  16. Mr^Burns

    Unreleased R.B.I. Baseball '95 for Megadrive dumped by Hidden Palace
  17. Mr^Burns

    Unreleased Payne Stewart Pro Golf for Megadrive dumped by Hidden Palace