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    Forum game 0.98b

    a peanutbutter and jelly sandwhich
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    Forum game

    Outrageous asses. which was located in the southern portion of
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    Forum game

    of the macarena, a dance craze that was
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    Forum game

    At the funeral of Jenny jones
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    Not to rebel but...

    I have to admit that the FTP listings on SegaXtreme is what led me here in the first place. Unlike 75% of the other folks who came here looking for games I found a bit more. I found folks who were just as enthuiastic about "nostalgia" gaming as I was. I admit to using a couple ftp's in my search...
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    Sonic charecters

    Some of the chars might be from the sonic cartoon.
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    I may a little thick headed.....

    If they haven't done so already, Nintendo should be dropping the gamecube to $149.99. HEard it on a news program the other day.
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    A big hi

    There are lots of Sega CD games worthy of a download (or purchase if you can find em). Popful Mail, Lunar 1 & 2, Vay, Rise of The Dragon, Dark Wizard, Lords of Thunder, Sonic CD and Spiderman are all great games and fairly easy to find on various Sega CD ftp's.
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    If you had the choice to spend the day with...

    I think that Arakon chick is hot. I just love red demonic women. (Just kidding Arakon, don't ban me. )
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    Sega cd parts

    Ok very last question. Does the Sega CD system 2 (the one that attaches to the side of the genesis) have any internal memory at all or does it require that u use a backup ram cartridge?
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    Sega cd parts

    1 more question for ya. Did the Sega CD unit have a special power supply or was it the same as the genesis one? This one seems to power up for a split second using a genesis power supply then shuts right off. It's a very brief flash of the acces and ready lights.
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    Sega cd parts

    A friend just gave me his old sega he had in storage for years. It's a model 1 sega cd. I used to own one too. Wasn't there like a metal plate that attached to the top of the sega cd unit to shield it from the Model 1 Genesis? Will the Sega cd work without it or even power on? Is there any way...
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    Ok has anyone had luck running ESPN Sunday Football on any emulator? I tried it on Gens but it froze at the coin toss.
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    I believe Corpse Killer was released on both SEGA CD and 32X platforms. Could someone verify this?
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    Thanx for the info. I'll just pop the files over to a different download dir on my ftp now. Hopefully someone with a real Sega Cd console will be able to use it.
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    I was just wondering if anyone had luck running the iso of Corpse killer on Gens. Once I get to the menu screen the game just freezes. Couln't find a compatability list that was updated since the last Gens release. It was a sizeable download so I just want to know if I wasted a few hours or not.
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    Anybody from the l.a. region?

    E3 is such a big deal that every computer/videogame store anywhere near it will be open. They were last year. There are tons of directories and advertisement for local bussinesses all around. All we did last year was pop open a yellow pages and ask a few people at E3 where to go. It's a great...