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    Show off your Dreamcast Collection

    Hardware: 1 Dreamcast 1 VGA Box 1 BBA 2 Official DC Controllers 1 Mad Catz DreamPad 1 Sega Jump Pack 3 VMU's 1 Nexus 16 MB Card w/ PC link Cable 1 Coder's Cable 2 Mics 1 Sega Mouse 1 Sega Keyboard 1 PS/2 Mouse/Keyboard Adapter Games: Sonic Adventure Trickstyle Hydro...
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    Goodbye Sega

    Goodbye Sega. :o :( :unsure: :angry: *edit* Whoops. :( Didn't see the topic in the News forum. *edit*
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    Tell me everything about the DC Link Cable

    Forgot to add that Sega Tetris (JPN) will also work with the Link cable. Unfortunately there is no code or anyway to unlock link mode in Daytona(or at least no one has found one). :( So the ripped/hacked copy is the only way.
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    Tell me everything about the DC Link Cable

    There is the JPN Aero Dancing F and supposedly there is a ripped copy of Daytona that has link support, but I have never tried it since I haven't been able to ever find it.
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    Best emulators/homebrew apps for DC

    The best MP3 player out there is definately DCPlaya. I'd try out ScummVM for DC(A Lucas Arts Point and click interpreter) and SMSPlus, a fullspeed Maser system/GG emulator.
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    VGA Box

    I have a Performance VGA box that I've had for 3 1/2 years and it has worked great for me. I use the passthrough feature all the time and it is handy for when I test games with my BBA. I'd definately get one since the games will look a lot more sharp, clear, and distinguished(except most 2d...
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    Any other members of DCEmulation on here?

    I check in here every once in a while
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    Searching for a BBA....

    Actually, just about every US game that supports the BBA has its servers still up. The more popular games wiht people in them are: Bomberman Online PSO v1 and v2 Quake 3 Unreal Tournament The BBA is also nice for testing homebrew games with and developing.
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    Dreamcast Transfer Cable

    Use DCLink software to manage your saves. Get is here
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    Dreamcast - Can't Last Forever

    Dreamcast - Can't Last Forever Just use VirtualDub or VirtualDubMod to convert the audio to MP3. All that needs to be done is do a Direct Stream copy of the video and only convert the audio.
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    Total Control 5: Burns out DC gameports?

    Try the tutorial in the Dreamcast Hardware section of, but be sure to use a 5 not 10 resistor. You could also try the Hardware Mopdification forum at
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    DC SVCD......

    I think that the DreamMovie VCD/MP3 Player with Remote Control does support VCD as well as some kinds of SVCD. IT's not free however but can be purchased for $20 at I think.
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    Boob's forum is down so would you mind listing the steps? Also has anyone tried this on Xenogears? That would be awesome if that game worked on any of the bleem packs.