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    problems with my saturn Action Replay 4M AUTO PLUS

    What kind of cleaner should i use?
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    problems with my saturn Action Replay 4M AUTO PLUS

    My 4-1 cart works the same way as yours! It's only avaliable the function of ram expansion. The menu screen doesn't apeear. The only difference is because I didn't try to pull off the cart with the saturn turned on. It reached that situation all alone and without any warning. Some day I...
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    Problems with Memory

    My Saturn is having problems with the internal memory. Each month I have to swap the lithium battery. My 4 in 1 chart only works for playing extra RAM games. I think that its memory chip is burned. Any specialist could tell me if could it be a short circuit that drains the battery?
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    About Langrisser series!

    I finally got a copy of Langrisser V. What a game! One of the best I ever played. Unfortunately there isn't any decent FAQ about this game. It occupies 213 of the internal memory. That is bad, once my Backup chart have burned. What is so different in the playability of Langrisser III?
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    Here we go again  TOP 5 fav genesis and or 32x

    1- Shining Force series 2 - Phantasy star series 3 - Gunstar Heroes 4 - Shinobi series 5 - Streets of Rage series
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    About Langrisser series!

    Hey! Someone could tell me if this games are worth to buy? I never played them, and as a saturn-collector i feel so bad about that. One more thing. Hom much of the internal memory does each game occupy?
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    Saturn's best sports game!

    Saturn's best sports game! No doubt about it. Decathlete
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    Best Saturn CGI

    Enemy Zero and Lunacy are great!
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    Thanks God there is too many good shooters for the Sega Saturn: Soukyugurentai Strykers 1945 I & II Dompachi & Dodompachi Galatic Attack (aka Layer Section I) Battle Garegga Kimgdom Granprix Sengoku Aces Among others...
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    Albert Odyssey

    Considering the lack of Saturn RPG games translated to english, I think would be interesting to you get this game. It reminds me Lunar games, with less fun of course. The story is medium, the graphics are overall too. What impressed me was the music. What great songs I heard! I like this game.
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    Blue Seed

    What is your opinion about the game Blue Seed. I saw the anime, but I don't know what to espect for the game.
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    Unknown games

    I agree with you that reviews are important, but certain games are so unknown that can't be found anything about them. It's not the case of D-Xhird, I must admit. I bought it because I'm fighting game fan. I'll never do it anymore. Hey Taelon, you seem to me a very well informed guy about...
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    Unknown games

    I will never buy games again without know if it is good or not. After buying games such as Lupin the 3rd, Guyferd, D-Xhird, Sonic Council and Mahou Monogatari... They are horrible!!!!!
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    Unknown games

    Thanks Taelon. This game called "The special" is supposed to be an interactive hentai game. I think because of that it must sucks.
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    Unknown games

    I'm in trouble to choose new Sega Saturn games to import. There are a lot of games that I never heard anything about them. I would like to know if anybody have something to say related to the following games: Dracula Detective Nekketsu Oyako Slam Dunk (I know the anime, but the...
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    Best Saturn Games?

    1- Radiant Silvergun 2- Guardian Heroes 3- Panzer Dragoon Saga 4- Shining force III 5- Grandia
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    Japanese games for the Sega Saturn

    I am studing japanese too, but I had only 3 classes I think You must continue with the Phantasy Star games. They are quite simple. In PS 1 Collection you can choose between text in hiragana or Katakana, what make it very easy to understand. Taking advantage of this subject, anyone knows if...
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    What happened with my Action Replay?

    I think that both my Action Replay 3 in 1 and my back-up ram cart entered in short circuit. When I turn on the Saturn with them connected doesn't appear the characteristic starting screen of the company. However with any game that needs 4Mb ram it works perfectly. Any one knows what is...
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    What's a good 2-player Saturn shooter/fighter?

    What's a good 2-player Saturn shooter/fighter? I would recommend a game called Assault Suit Leynos 2 which is a sequel of a great classic of Genesis/Mega Drive that was named of Target Earth in the U.S. Nice 2D graphics, Awesome difficulty and a very funny game to play. Try it out
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    So anyone ever used to saturns and the link cable?

    I thik it works for Duke Nukem too