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    Under Defeat

    The DVD case is sexy. There should've been more DC games using them. I've heard some people complaining about hitbox size... it's actually very small. The games pauses the game for a short moment right when you're hit, and in 100% of the time I can see how I retardly flew right into an innocent...
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    Sega Driving Studio is hiring

    In terms of work conditions, it can be as bad as any IT work. It all depends on mow much both the producers and team members are willing to implement and follow structured/sane development pratices (this goes for both IT and game development). It's just that it's a bit easier to find that in...
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    What made the DC great and why did it fail?

    Sega was too wounded to fight-off the PS2 hype. Their image and pockets were both wounded from past failures. When Sony began hyping the PS2 to godly levels, Sega had already spent most of they marketing money trying to fight FF8, a PSOne game, for attention. They failed to make the consumers...
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    HD-DVD Question

    There's no need to include both a 480p and HD versions of the movie on the same disc. The player just needs to re-scale the HD movie in real-time to 480p for standard displays.
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    how to watch grandi .mov movies?

    Noone knows exactly what those .mov files are encoded with. The header hints at Cinepak, but the compression artifacts look entirely different than both Conepak and Truemotion. It looks very similar to MPEG-like codecs, with ringing artifacts and "smooth" macroblocks during heavy motion. I am...
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    What are the most rare genesis titles?

    Try to find a copy of the Brazillian Yu Yu Hakusho game. It works on NTSC systems, and is 100% official.
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    What was the name of that late epic Japanese game?

    Is it the 'ol "the saturn couldn't do transparencies/additive effects" stuff? There's a whole bunch of games you can use to proof it otherwise (well, maybe changing it to "the saturn could do transparencies/additive blends, with a few advantages and limitations compared to the PSX") that are...
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    New Screens for Panzer Dragoon on PS2

    The Treasure Box is emulated, AFAIK. It's even going to feature some emulation options, so the players can tweak their experience. It's possible to choose between high-res scaled mode and a low-res (faux?) mode that is supposed to better reproduce the original Genesis video output. You can also...
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    Tested SF3 Scenario1. It ran perfectly, with only a bug: special effect textures aren't loaded properly and appear mangled. Screens below.
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    I have yet to test SF3 on the newest versions, but considering it ran Burning Rangers perfectly (including the ultra-hacky transparencies), and considering it looked pretty much glitch-free in the 0.6x series, I hope it runs 100% on 0.7x. Amazingly, SF3 doesn't do anything whacky beyond vanilla...
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    Video CD card FMV

    Doesn't ADX uses a lossy audio compression, in the veins of MPEG1-L2? I haven't played any of those softdec Saturn games. I didn't even know there were Saturn games using software MPEG1 decoders. How does the image quality compares to *good* Cinepak and Truemotion?
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    The Paranormal, Weird, and Unexplained Thread

    Yes, but those look more like the wood reflected on the water than shadows (the shadows in the scene are all softy, it was probably cloudy).
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    Does your CD drive appears in the drive list on the options screen? I remember the 0.6 SSF versions had SERIOUS ASPI issues. It took forever to get a proper ASPI setup that made it happy. Most of the time it either won't find some or any of your drives, sometimes the drives are there but it...
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    The Paranormal, Weird, and Unexplained Thread

    It's just a water puddle, with some ripples. And the nose is the wood plank tip.
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    The old 0.6x SSFs did work for me, with both originals, CDRs and mounted images. It shouldn't spit the CD without at least displaying an error message (did you change the emulator UI to english?). Probably some ASPI issue.
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    Reflection and refraction

    AFAIK, "true" reflection is view dependant. You can get a quite cool effect by taking the X and Y components of the screen space normal, and X and Y components of the screen space vertex position, and scale them by different weigths, then multiply them together to get a U and V coordinates...
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    The lastest versions have a nice "CD-ROM" selector in the options (did you try the options?). I just tested some games using Alcohol's virtual drive, and it works like a charm. BTW, you can change the emulator UI language to English by editing the "default" file in the "message" folder. Just...
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    I am playing Burning Rangers in the lastest version, and it works 100%. Almost full speed (slight auto-frameskip), full featured (even the transparencies are working), no glitches. It's entirely playable. I'm running it on an Athlon 64 3000+, and it loads directly from disk without any kinky...
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    I haven't seen many posts about it (the search won't allow me to search "SSF" because it's too short), so I decided to post. Now that I got a processor that can run it (the lastest SSF versions require SSE2), I rushed to give it a try. And I'm impressed! It run nearly anything I threw at it...
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    Reflection and refraction

    The texture just doesn't stay in place. The texture coordinate for each vertex is re-calculated based on the vertex screen position and it's screen normal at every frame. There is no light whatsoever: it's all in the texture.