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    How does copyrighting entertainment work?

    No one is gonna care about a cover from an unknown band. This sort of talk is silly. It's not exactly like this board promotes legal activity if you know what I mean. You don't have to get the artists permission to do a cover. I highly doubt Nirvana went to Boston and said "Hey, can we do a...
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    What do you do?

    Why only a wannabe history teacher?
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    How does copyrighting entertainment work?

    All that legal stuff doesn't really apply. The legal stuff is more for radio use. Thus if your cover is played on the radio, royalities will be given. By performing the song live....not really (unless the show is being broadcasted). The internet is still a little merky as far as law goes...
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    What do you do?

    2nd year Political Science major. I am planning on getting my PHD and becoming a tenured professor. So I've still got A LOT of schooling left. Next year I am doing study abroad in England. I've noticed I don't exactly fit in with everyone else here. :) Am I the only person, beside the jobless...
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    Dave and Steve's Video Game Explosion

    Hmm I liked Final Fantasy X :(
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    Sega cd?

    $80 is really expensive. At used shops around here they go for around $30 with a Genesis. No games come with it though. Back up games are not easy to find but not exactly hard either. If you have Direct Connect go to after 4 PM and you'll be able to find a few. There...
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    Virtual Reality Concept

    mmmmm Virtual Boy! Just kidding. I remember the early 90s when VR was the "next big thing" (behind FMV of course). I just remember everything from that time period being really dull and blocky. It wasn't very impressive. I'd say we're about 20 years away from real practical VR in everyones...
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    Save FUTURAMA and FAMILY GUY!!!!

    I think I am the only person in the world that hates the Simpsons. Yes how ratings are conducted is really silly. Considering with digital cable, it's possible to tap into everyones box and see what they are watching to get an accurate rating. Of course, there is that whole privacy issue that...
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    What are you listening to at the moment?

    Right now One Night in Neo Kobe (Snatcher theme) It helps me wake up. :)
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    Was the Sega CD worth buying

    Graphics: Snatcher Gameplay: Sonic CD Replay: Snatcher Sound: Snatcher by a mile Groundbreaking: Snatcher Fun Factor: Snatcher Snatcher almost swept!
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    US and Canada?

    This reminds me of my Canadian National Govt class last semister. My professor was trying to tell us that Americans generally think of Canadians as Americans, while Canadians tend to have an identify crisis. Canadians, from what I can tell...seem to be as a whole a mixture of American and...
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    Leisure suit larry

    There are ways around that. :) Here is a hint.... Educational/Archival/research :) Basically, those old games will either have two modes of thought. Some companies don't care, while others do. Sega doesn't really seem to care about Emulation or Roms, as far as I've heard atleast...while...
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    My favorite Genesis game would have to be Starflight
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    Game system collections!

    Oh I'd love to have the old OLD gaming systems, but unfortantly those are sometimes the hardest to come across. A lot harder to find those in pawn shops/used gaming stores. I still wish I had my old Commodore Vic-20. :(
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    Game system collections!

    Just wondering if anyone else collects game systems. I recently just started in on the hobby and don't really have a large collection, but I think it's decent. My collection Nintendo Entertainment system (original front loader game with Robot that is long since gone :() Game Boy Game Boy...
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    a Q for those who have played uncut Snatcher

    There is no Japanese version of Snatcher on SCD. The English version is considered the best version out of all of them. The PSX version is usually considered the worst. As for the censorship thing. It's not really a big deal. What we didn't get were.... In the Japanese versions Katrina is...
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    Hey a few questions

    Hey I'm new here so hi! Just got back into my Sega CD, and was overjoyed that Snatcher was still sitting in the CD tray right where I left it. (Wish I still had the case/book) After raving about the game to my friend, he finally convinced me to make a bin/cue of the game...and he is...