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    AI Translation of Nanatsu Kaze no Shima

    The best machine translator there was till a while ago (and I know what I'm talking about) was DeepL. But GPT4o, even if not perfect as it is, if you know how to command it to do the translation of things, can give absolutely amazing results.
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    Wachenroder fan translation beta for Saturn released by Knight0fdragon

    Is this awesome game still worked on, or did they just leave it as it is?
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    Not a popular opinion, but I have paid close attention to Deuce's project back in the day. Supposedly he had finished it, or he was about to and everything got mysteriously gone, he was quite offensive with the crowd and went apesh** crazy at some point. Maybe he'll release it someday, but I'm...
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    Stellar Assault SS English localization project

    This game is awesome, thank you very much for your hard work! I didn't know it, and it's a really nice surprise
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    J.B. Harold: Blue Chicago Blues - English Translation

    Yes!!! I'm gonna play this right away. Thanks!
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    J.B. Harold: Blue Chicago Blues - English Translation

    Any news on this?
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    J.B. Harold: Blue Chicago Blues - English Translation

    Not only did I get to try the game, I'm already waiting with my saved game for you to finish the whole thing. THIS IS AMAZING! WOOO
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    Panzer Dragoon Saga on Fenrir + Action Replay 4M (Remove cartridge)

    Thank you very much! This is exactly what I needed. I'm playing this gem after a long, long time... in a rather sacrilegious way, but I'm loving it (Spanish patch + Widescreen patch + AR patch) Thanks again. I'm still not too sure about the Kai thing... but given the AR screen is practically...
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    Panzer Dragoon Saga on Fenrir + Action Replay 4M (Remove cartridge)

    Hi guys! How are you doing? I KNOW this probably has been addressed in one way or another. The thing is I can't use the cheat code to bypass the "Please remove the cartridge" screen. I'm thinking that AR cheat codes are applied over Fenrir's boot screen, but not to the games themselves...
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    J.B. Harold: Blue Chicago Blues - English Translation

    @Arjak , I can't thank you enough for this! I loved so much the PC Engine prequel! I always wondered about this one, and I felt it wasn't worth to try the drawn mobile version. It didn't work at the first try on Fenrir... I'm going to try iso+wav+cue, that generally does the trick! Thanks...
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    Just wondering...

    Hi guys, First and foremost, I really love and appreciate all the efforts you're putting on the Saturn. Some of the feats are nothing short of a miracle, indeed. I was playing today KOF97 and SFZ3 and I thought to myself: I think it would be harder to devs to erase the language change code...
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    Translating Grandia

    After several tries, I reached out the conclusion that it really wasn't the iso's fault (because it failed again... but so did the original un-patched file). The error was that I hadn't set the emulator properly: Grandia (FMV issues): Set "Dot Clock" on 3.7 or above. Set "SlaveSH2 Speed" to...
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    Translating Grandia

    No, man. I've been doing things right. I've extracting the iso with isobuster just as you said and like the video that other guy uploaded some time ago. I've extracted session 1 from BINs and other rarer image types found on the net, an eventually I even found an ISO + WAV... but it didn't work...
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    Translating Grandia

    Can anyone confirm if this game works fine with the patch on SSF? I did everything on the txt file, with several images I found on the net... it just doesn't work for me... any version of the patch! :(
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    Translating Grandia

    Hey TrekkiesUnite118. Thanks a LOT for all your efforts! I really want to help out with the emulation betatest, but every image I've found on the net so far seems to have an issue with your patch (although it says patching was successful). Whenever it plays a video, it makes a horribly loud...
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    Translating Lunar Silver Star Story

    Hey Facundo, long time no see! He's already in touch with her. We're gonna work on the Spanish version of this patch! :D