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    broken sega saturn on ebay :P

    Here's the link Im getting rid of an other FN broken saturn im gonna get used to that haha:P Oh well this is the last time i try modding that model:P
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    1 wrestlemania 22 ticket TRade for sega saturn mod

    Hello everyone I am stuck with a wrestlemania 22 ticket it's in chicago all state arena april 2nd it's very soon! I would like to trade it vs sega saturn console + other if you have some kind of trade you would like to throw let me know they offer is on the table thanks!!!!!!
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    2 WWE wrestlemania tickets for sale!

    Hello everyone New item up for sale! 2 tickets for Wrestlemania 22 live in chicago! SOLD OUT!!!! Witness the return of Our canadian Hero Bret the Hitman Hart!!!!!! The new Hall of fame of 2006! So many Rumours are out for this wrestlemania! as the show will speak for it self you must be...
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    Selling ''Broken'' Japanese Victor Saturn

    Selling ''Broken'' Japanese Victor Saturn Hello everyone Im selling a Broken Victor Saturn Model 2 Rg-Jx2 The console case is in good Shape the console wa working #1 before i tryed to mod it I don't have time to try to find an other cd board Asking 40$ + ship anyone interested ? . LEt...
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    Want to buy (Like new) Sega saturn console Model2

    hello everyone I was wondering if any of you guys had a sega model 2 saturn for sale (round buttons) In a like new condition?? let me know thanks!!:)
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    killed VIctor Saturn (JAPANESE) trying to mod it

    hello guys Today i was Ready to try modding my Victor Japanese saturn which is 64 pin. I soldered the 5 v wire without a problem then i Tryed to solder the other wires to the left side (8 pin) like in the faq & i think i missed the drop... (because i had to put the wire longer so the wires...
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    Other place to trade video game system?

    hey sega fanatics! I was wondering If there is other message board than this one that people trade , saturns, genesis & other sega material? because i think everyone know that i am selling a xbox by now:) so i wanted to find other place to pass the ''word'' :) thanks!!!!! :thumbs-up:
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    selling evo x XBOX chipped system unboxed

    hello Sega maniacs! how is it going? im selling a mint xbox Chipped console With evox chip. Normal size HDD not expansion im selling it for 210$canadian + used sega saturn model 2 buyer pays shipping must sell asap (pictures ca be sent via msn or mail) My ebay is at 100% feedback...
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    hey guys I have received today rocketman Saturn modchip I wanted to apply it to my saturn wich is a Victor Rg Jx 2 & it doesnt seem to be the same interior as other moded chipped aturn so i dunno where to solder & what to do also it seems the chip enters the lens hole weirdly.... it doesnt...
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    hey racket sent payments to you (need to know)

    hey racket i bought your chip I am thinking of chipping my white japanese saturn it has the round buttons so it's the one that can be chipped i guess humm i would need help for this i guess you have guides on your blog?? also You sell the Ram expansion i heard?? let me know how much...
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    is it that easy to mod?

    I will buy that saturn with the round butttons circled one not like oval I want to know where could i buy the chip for it & is it that easy to install??? let me know thanks somuch! I dunno which to use jaddamans or the other guy on this board rocket? i think
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    where to buy DREAMCASt lens? & psx 1

    where to buy DREAMCASt lens? & psx 1 hello guys!! I know that this Sega board has been helpful to me:) so i was wondering if you guys know where to get sega dreamcast Lens unit & psx 1 lens unit too (i have the first usa model of sega dc) it's starting to skip a bit after all the use...
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    Who is selling a Ram Expansion for Saturn????

    hey guys who is selling Ram expansion card for sega saturn? I was looking for one ''cheap priced'' if anyone is selling theirs... I was looking for one very much... +does it do memory card at the same time?
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    40 gb DIVX/MPG4/AVI/MP3 player mini for TRADE

    Hello guys! I want to let you all know i have a40 gb unit that play everythingfrom .avi to .wmv to .sub to .srtfordownloaded movie & add subtitlefromdownloaded subs from mp4 to DIVX! &EVEN the ANIMES! to perfection! this is the site of this...
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    Trading a Brnad NEW nintendo Ds Vs a SEga Saturn

    Hello guys, I just bought this Unit (nintendo DS) played with it for 6 hrs this unit is Brand new..I mean no scratch nothing on the frame or box. Reason of trading: It makes me Game sick i can't play many hours without getting dizzy so im gonna have to let go of it. so i would like to...
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    V-Saturn Jap Mod?

    Hello Guys I have here a V-saturn Console I would like to play backup games with it but how does it work im kinda newbie in the saturn ''modchip''scene .... how does it work is there an easyer way without ''making the Dangerous swap trick while spinning which is nuts .... i hope no one does...