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    WTB - Modded Sega Saturn

    Recently the laser on my Sega Saturn crapped out, so I need to get a replacement. If anyone has a modded Sega Saturn they'd like to sell, let me know. I only need the Saturn and the AV cables (don't need the power supply).
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    A question for all you Megaman fans out there

    Well... it's obvious nobody is interested so oh well. (Edited by Snyderman at 10:44 pm on Jan. 13, 2002)
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    Megaman X4 for saturn

    Well ya see folks, back in the day when megaman was original... wait fast forward a bit. Anyhow, I bought the PSX and PC ports a long time ago, suffice to say I was very satisfied with both. I was just wondering how the Saturn port measures up. For that matter, how does MM8 Saturn compare to...
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    Strange question about Saturn/SCD games

    Does anyone here play their games with modified audio files? I mean, I personally despise 90% of the MMX3 for Saturn soundtrack and was wondering if anyone substituted music files. If you do, do you know if they have to be the same length as the original music file or not? I was thinking games...
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    ARG!  I love Capcom...

    I realize that they have brought countless series (DAMMIT HOW DO YOU DO THE PLURAL OF SERIES?) to all of my favorite Systems... NES, SNES, Genesis, Saturn, PSX, DC, even N64... are we seeing a patern here? Doing a brief search on Gamefaqs... I got a list of all the games that Capcom has...
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    Heh a little fun in Streets of Rage 3

    Well, I guess when there's that ONE strange code in a game, you tend to avoid it because it never works... Now I know why I never wanted it in the first place :p Behold... Ash... just take a look... #### those crazy Japanese :) (Edited by Snyderman at 6:17 am on Dec. 18, 2001)
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    Ok, a small question about SFZ3 for Sat

    I read an earlier post about SFZ3 and I wanted to know for sure whether or not the game came with any mp3s or was just a plain iso. MAM :p MasterAkumaMatata said something about ripping the music from the PSX version, which sort of confused me. I got the one track that was on the post there...
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    Arg, Burning problems...

    Hiya folks, remember me? Good ol Dan enthusiast. Anyhow, I have a slight problem with burning Sonic Jam. Well, I have the Bin/cue format, but whenever I try to burn it, (I use CDRWin, but I've never had any problems with it before) it just burns a very small portion onto the CD and gives me some...
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    WOO! I always wanted a DC, and now that they are 50$??? There's no way even I can pass up an offer THAT good. (Edited by Snyderman at 5:56 pm on Nov. 22, 2001)
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    What is your favorite "Underdog" game?

    You guys know all those underdog games. The ones that never got enough exposure but were just gems that never got mined. Either that or most people said they totally sucked but YOU personally liked it a lot. I'd have to say my favorite underdog games would be: Guardian Legend for NES (if you...