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    Best Games for GB systems

    the capcom zelda games feel more of like continuation of the same game (the way mask felt like continuation from ocrina), which is a good thing, of course:)
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    VERY strange nintendo like controler

    hey fabrizo, i got 404 for all the links :(
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    Seanbaby - this is seriously funny stuff...

    hehe we all love seanbaby :) i wish he would ever update his NES section, tho :(
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    SegaCD Emulation...

    and we all love to hate 007Cheater >:)
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    VGA Question...

    Treamcast supports s-video output
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    Jet Grind Radio...

    YES!! agree i always run out of time on the LAST or second to last tag!!! the time limit takes away a LOT from the game.
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    worst mario games ever! - are here

    you mean for the insiders ign
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    Nester Help...

    also, the official nesterdc site should have the plain files, in case you want to do everything on your own :)
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    how to become an admin or Moderator - how to become an admin

    buy me one and i'll be your slave penguin forever
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    Best Games for GB systems

    wheee!! mario2 = ^_^ i never liked the wario games, except for the very first one (mario3) pokemon blue (the one i owned) original black/white tetris and mario dx.
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    Virtual Boy - What are the must-have games?

    yea you got ripped big time but at least you;re happy and that's all that matters, really.
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    Tetris TENGEN for trade - TENGEN tetris to trade for dream c

    yup! it had all the cool music from the arcade tetris!! poor atari bought the rights to tetris from people who didnt own the rights. hee hee hee...anyway yea tengen tetris = $$$. it was one of the few games i actually bothered playing off of one of them nintendo multi-carts.
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    KOF 2001

    kof01 for pc???? when is it coming out? me want details ^_^ is it the arcade version? or modified version like kof99evo? kof99evo for pc used really shaky 3d engine altho the 3-d backgrounds looked nice.
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    Best Sega System?

    w00t!! go genny, go dc!! altho genesis emu is still shaky and snes emu is barely playable on dc, nester does wonders and that's all that matters ^_^
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    Sonic games exclusive to PC???

    well, least it's not one of those 100000000 knp games out there
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    worst mario games ever! - are here

    eck. it's a game for phillips CD-I
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    How to rip DC games......

    eck you lucky ppl stores stopepd selling dc games LOOONG time ago and even game stores like are getting rid of their dc inventory
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    BYE GUYS!!!

    well, stuff like my name came back pretty quickly, but learning how to walk, and walk and breateh at same time took some time. also i dont really recall what exactly went on. plus, supposedly my brother came to visit from north carolina while i was in the intensive care, and according to him, he...
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    How to rip DC games......

    very cheap, yes easy to find, no a lot of games are becoming rare
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    BYE GUYS!!!

    eck scary x_x sorry about friend, supergrom i know i;ve been VERY lucky. it was one of those once-in-a-life-time thing where it just felt like someone was telling me how fragile human life is. it gave me plenty of time to think over life and all that good stuff. and no, i dont remember...