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    Modded Playstation for sale plus goodies

    I am selling a modded Playstation system. The system can play games from any region as well as back ups. It comes with the following: Accessories 1 Dark grey controller 1 Clear black controller 1 Shinny Green memory card 1 Game Shark Pro (cheat device & 8 built in memory cards) 1 AC power...
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    Modded Saturn for Sale plus games.

    System has been sold.:thumbs-up: I'm selling a modded Sega Saturn System with 4 games. Three of those games are Sonic Jam, Street Fighter 2 Movie and a beta disc of Street Fighter Collection. The system can play copied games (back ups). It comes with all cables (power cord and AV cables) and a...
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    Action replay update

    Would it be possible to implement a feature to the Action replay or update it's firmware to allow you to search for your own codes, similar to that of a Game Shark Pro?
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    Mortal Kombat games

    I have a question about Mortal Kombat 2 and Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3. Does anyone know what is different in the Japanese version of Mortal Kombat 2? I heard it's an updated edition. Also, why is it that in Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 the announcer does not say "Round x" (x of course being the...
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    Dreamcast Link Cable

    Does anyone one what games utilize the Dreamcast link cable? The cable I am reffering to is here:
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    Component Video Cables

    Does anyone know if there is a component video cable for the Dreamcast? I know there's an S-Video cable and a VGA adapter (tha latter of the two I don't have) but what about component cables? I really want those component cables for my big screen TV.
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    Component Video Cables

    Does anyone know if there is a component video cable for the Saturn? I know there's an S-Video cable since I have that but what about component cables?
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    Saturn online

    Is it still possible to use the Saturn netlink (or anything like it) to go online? I ask because I have a spare saturn that I could lend my cousin (who does not have a PC) so that he can go online. I just tried going online with my Dreamcast for the first time yesterday (never did it before cuz...
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    Playstation 1 ISO

    Just tomake things clear, I am NOT asking where to get ISOs. Now here's my question: Anyone here know how to recontruction a playstation ISO?. Supposed I take the files from the game and want to remake the disc. How can I go about doing so? I know how to do this for Saturn games using mkisofs...
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    VCD's and Rockman EXE anime

    VCD's and Rockman EXE anime Anyone know a place where I can purchase any Capcom anime VCD's? (Street Fighter, Vampire, ect..) Also, anyone have a link as to where I can get the Rockman EXE anime episodes (Not Access). I want the Japanese episodes not the US Kids WB censored/edited/cut...
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    Capcom cell phone games

    Does any one know if it's possible to play the Capcom cell phone games (such as Street Fighter 2 below) outside of Japan?
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    Resident Evil movies

    Anyone know how to extract the movie files in Resident Evil? They are all in one big file named MOVIE.CPK. I used acpk2avi but can only convert the first movie. And I couldn't really make use of the readme file since it's in Japanese but all I get is a bunch of jibberish. Also, is there...
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    Looking for a modded Saturn

    Like the topic says, I am looking for a modded Saturn (modchip), prefferably a white one. Must be an NTSC system! All I need is the console, don't need wires or controllers. Thanks. :)
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    Looping adx audio files

    Is there any program that allows you to see the audio sample numbers when the audio is playing? I ask because I want to loop the audio at a specific point. Doing this manually takes forever.
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    How do you create a saturn iso with mkisofs?

    Ok, first I did search the forums but only found bits and pieces to my answer and just ended up confusing me. Here is what I want to do. I was working on a small mod which is done (I won't say what it is yet since I'm not sure if it will work and to not get anyone excited.) Now I just need to...