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    I am now very, very scared...
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    Optical Illusion

    Check it for yourself in paintshop... really weird
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    Nintnedo Sponser Des Lynham!

    To mark today's European release of Super Mario Sunshine, Nintendo UK has signed a one-year deal to sponsor the facial hair of sports commentator Des Lynam. Nintendo UK has this morning announced that, to mark today's release of the eagerly awaited Super Mario Sunshine in Europe, it has signed...
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    Acclaim and their crazy ad campaigns

    You would have thought paying actors to change thier name to Turok and having a man camp outside a shop for 3 weeks to buy Turok(which on his tent he spelt wrong 'Turoc' ) would be madness enough. Alas NO!Here in the UK, Acclaim have offered to pay any speeding fines on October 11th. It is the...
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    Planet Ring!

    I have my microphone all hooked up and I logged into Planet Ring.. I tried going into the voice chat but it wouldn't let me... said I needed a mic... any solution?
  6. H giving away free albums?

    Theres no mention of it on the home page of so it's clearly a hack, but still good.... it's got the entire Linkin Park remix album for download on the riaa's servers: The "press relase" says:
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    Multi-Mega Video out

    Is the port for the video out the same as a Mega Drive 2 or a Mega Drive one by anychance? I'm trying to buy a SCART for it....
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    Nintendo rip-off?

    I just posted this on NXs boards, but here it is again: Now, don't get me wrong here, I think Nintendo have done GREAT with their price point and everything on the PAL launch, BUT one thing troubles me.... Browsing through the Cubes manual it says that an RGB scart cable is needed for 60Hz...
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    XP Themes?

    Anyone got any links to some good Sega Win XP themes? I had a look through Google and couldn't find any full themes... any links?
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    Super Magic Drive

    Whats an average price for a Super Magic Drive these days, or is there a cheaper Genesis/Mega Drive cart copier?
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    Problems with Snatchers

    I have quite a big problem burning Snatchers... Once I downloaded the MP3s, I converted them to WAV using Winamp. I converted the ISO to PAL and then burned them in the usual way using Easy CD 95. I burnt at 4x, DAO. Once I burnt it and started getting into this great game, I noticed that the...
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    Sonic CD for Sega CD and PC

    Right, I am currently in the middle of downloading a Sonic CD ISO to use on my new Sega CDX/MultiMega... Anyways, I have Sonic CD on PC. Are the music tracks layed out the same so I can just rip it from my Sonic CD PC and burn it with the Sega CD ISO? I ask because I am on 56k and the audio is...