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    Favorite Anime

    Love Hina. Comedy cool anime, I would recommend:)
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    Analog or Digital watches

    Digital. For more accurate.
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    linux vs Windows vs MAC OSX?

    I use Ubuntu 8.04 on a PC and OpenSuse 10.3 on a laptop and I am satisfied with the stability and the absence of viruses.
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    SX Arcade!

    I want pacman, this game was cool. Would she return?
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    The latest avast and firewall quite well in weapons system, but it is the best linux and not paid syf/shit
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    What Media Player do you use?

    cześć Rolly :) I'm testing on ubuntu linux into different music players: banshee, amarok, exaile and even a few and there is no such, that I liked perfectly: [
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    I suffer from a few years to Phobia social and even I do not have support from even the my family, but a psychologist supports me. It is small improvement, but still far off the road. In your country is tolerant of people with fobią or discriminate? We in Poland are people in strange look: P
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    Wherre's Pacman?

    I want Pacman back to game area :)
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    What Do You think about shyness persons? Are they a bad persons?
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    Show your desktop

    Like in the title, show your desktop area. I'm first.
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    Do you know any website with ebooks in .PDF format? I'm looking for "Veronica decides to die" in english language version, but I can't find. Only polish or original version. Anyone cans help me?
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    linux vs Windows vs MAC OSX?

    Linux (distributions Ubuntu, openSUSE, Debian and many more), Windows (editions 95, 98, 2000, XP and Vista) or MAC OSX? Who's the better OS and Why? In my opinion the best of the OS is Linux Ubuntu, because There's no viruses, stability and free. Windows has many viruses and very much holes...
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    What Media Player do you use?

    Rhythmbox (for music) and XBMC (xbox Media Center). Mplayer for videos
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    Wherre's Pacman?

    Where's Pacman game (flash) in arcade section? What happen with pacman?
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    I'm using avira antyvir and firewall under winXP.
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    How many consoles do you own??

    PSX x3 Dreamcast Game Boy Pocket Xbox
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    DC doesn't work

    My Dreamcast doesn't work. When turn on my DC, then on the a TV screen display "black screen". Few second later display on the screen logo Dreamcast, not animated (like with open GD-ROM in DC). There is no sound. GD-ROM not working. LED light fine. What's going on? How I can refixed...