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    Is MY Saturn DEAD ?!

    hi All ! I`ve got an big problrm with my saturn... If i turn it on the screen will go from left to right and will not stop doing theat i can play games so everything is ok but the f***** screen wont stop to go from left to right =( Somebody got an idea ?
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    How can i play Import games on my Multimega (CDX)

    How can i play import game s on my Multimega (cdx) ?! is there a cardridge out ? like a action replay ?
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    Help !

    hoho ! Somebody knows if the saturn got any fuses ?! If i power my saturn on (first Jap Modell) the power led goes on as usual but i got no picture and the access led is flashing (all the time ) the cd is spinning but nothing happend no sound and no picture =(
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    Game Gear NO SOUND !

    Hi ! I`ve got a problem with my game gear i have no sound ! i can da what i want i can`t get sound of the inernal speaker of my GG (i can hear the sound but nt very loud) this seems to be an very popular problem of the gg so anyone got an idea how to fix it ?
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    Tech Help/CD Burning Help

    Hi my saturn is dead =( If i power it on i get no pic on my t any my access led is flashing =( Somebody knows wath a flashing access led means ? Btw my saturn is a japan modell. Thx for ya help