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    See this thread - it tells you all you need to know;t=2118 Mike
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    guest appearances by sega consoles on tv shows

    It was a Lynx. I remember because he was playing with it, yet there was no actual cartridge in the machine, just like the GG in Rumble in the Bronx. Mike
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    Broken Genesis?

    It could be bad video RAM. Mike
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    md1/genesis1 rgb cable

    The RGB output level of the MD/Genesis is very high, and can result in a very bright (or even distorted) picture on a normal European TV with RGB SCART input. The resistors are there to reduce the RGB signal voltages to within standard SCART tolerances. The reason for including capacitors is...
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    md1/genesis1 rgb cable

    I've done a crappy diagram for a SCART cable which might make things a little bit clearer: Those black rectangles are resistors, by the way! Also, you can get the proper 8-pin DIN plug from Maplin in the UK, code FG40T. Mike
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    Fixing genesis carts

    The fact that the "PRODUCED BY..." screen appears shows that the Genesis is able to read the ROM header, so that's something, at least. I think more cleaning is in order, and I would personally recommend using Isopropyl alcohol rather than anything citrus-based. Soak a cotton bud (Q-tip) in the...
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    New Mega Drive from Tec Toy

    Ouch - that's nearly 65 British pounds (or $100 US!) Is everything so expensive in Brazil? How much does a Dreamcast, PS2, X-Box or Gamecube cost, for example? Mike
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    Backup Batteries dead

    No, that only applies to Lithium Ion batteries, such as those used in the Sega CD (for the back-up RAM) and Dreamcast (for the clock and user settings) - they do recharge when the console is turned on. The standard lithium batteries used in cartridges aren't rechargeable, but they do last a...
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    Sega Master System AC Adapter

    Yes, you need to use a Genesis 1 AC Adapter, not Genesis 2. The Genesis 2 adapter has the wrong polarity. How did this end up in the Master System forum, by the way? Mike
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    how rare are geny 3's?

    how rare are geny 3's? I actually find the Genesis 3 very useful, simply because it's so bloody tiny! My rotten old Mega Drive 1 is far too big and bulky to lug round friends' houses, whereas the Genny 3 is small enough to fit into my coat pocket. Plus, it has novelty appeal. Inevitably people...
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    sega cd  best cdr

    Dearie me. I'm not going to start talking about bottoms on this forum! Seriously, I generally stick to Verbatim DataLifePlus - those are the "Metal Azo" discs, made by Mitsubishi, that have a very dark blue bottom. They've worked consistently well for me over the last few years (and not just...
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    Sega Megadrive 1 NTSC/PAL mod.

    Well, it doesn't actually say you can play CDs from any country. It says you can use a CD *system* from any country, and play games (meaning cartridge games) from any country. It could do with some clarification, though. Mike
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    What's your username mean?

    What's your username mean? Er, it's just my name, weirdly enough...   Mike
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    Sega Master System AC Adapter

    Raijin, Calm down matey! First you're saying your 32X "KILLED" your Genesis (in another thread), now you're telling someone "AAAAAGH! DO NOT!!!!" use a Genesis 1 power supply on the Master System. The world of Sega consoles ain't that dangerous, and I wouldn't have bloody well told him to...
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    Yes, 'fraid so. Mike
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    50/60hz switch

    I've never seen a board with a factory-soldered wire already stuck in JP3, but yes, you should leave it there, and solder your own wire to the same point. No, you'll get exactly the same results as RF. Only RGB will work. Mike
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    The SMS Converter II will fit on either model of MD. The original converter will only fit the Mega Drive 1, unless you saw the tab off the back of the converter. If you have a Mega Drive 1, you should go for the original Master System Converter/Power Base Converter - it's more common, looks...
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    Sega Master System AC Adapter

    The output should be 9-10 volts DC, and (this is the important bit) rated for at least 850mA (0.85A). The plug type is a barrel plug, with the outer part positive and inner part negative. (Most "universal" adapters have a range of plugs and a polarity switch, so you can choose the right plug...
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    50/60hz switch

    You need to connect the switch *across* JP3, i.e. solder one side of the switch to one side of JP3, the other side of the switch to the other side of JP3. The page you mentioned doesn't make it very clear, but if you read it carefully, you'll see that's what it's getting at. As for the B/W...
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    No. The Master System Converter (I or II) doesn't work through the 32X at all, so you have to remove the 32X when you want to use it. Mike