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    Match of the Millennium!

    Hey all, Is the post I made, basically looking to see how interested the community still is in GENS and Sega emu, source, posting to other systems and how much people would like a new design of the site and a domain. So if your able...
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    SeF and Gens Page Back Online!

    Gens host was attacked as most know and the site was down. I have helped restore the site and forums again, however the forum posts and most members since 2002 (after that) were lost. =( Please redo your info etc. Btw im back here too =P never left really. Just wasnt active. ;)
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    Who here knows Zach Meston?

    Just taking a 1st glance.. checking to see how many hardcore gamers know him and might want to know more....
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    I hit headline news for SG =)

    Either way Ill be in the Gallery of player pics but if yyou see it soon im on headlines of the front page =)
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    Forum features and news

    Ok well most working again, new items, etc. More tweaks soon. Also will see about fixing the size on avitar size, if you find a bug please post it.
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    Forums working again!

    <font color='#000000'>I think I got the database fixed up... now to see if some other new issues can be fixed like the smilies =)</font>
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    New forum for weekend

    Please be logged in to access it. You will see it. Please read the post there. If it works fairly well it stays. This is a weekend tryout first. After that who knows.
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    Josie and Pusscats song?

    This band Gackt, song Another World. has the same melody of the song 3 small words. Im wondering now... who came first? This Jap (or chin) group or Josie??? DL it if you find it and let me know.. I know I just got the music video.
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    Lunar RPG on SX

    Ok Ive been thinking about it... forum game was ok, but went nowhere. Lunar on the otherhand we ALL know. Anyways pick a person and lets go! (You may do final fantasy or working designs char) Rules? Simple... role play... dont be silly or so. Also when claiming your character please state all...
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    DivX codec virus or hack?

    Hey I did a sysinfo on myself. Found something interesting... dont know if its standard divx stuff. AV doesnt see it as a virus and nortons database has nothing listed. I want you all to check on your pc for the files or sysinfo as well to see if you have the same markings. Im using w2k so I...
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    Mouse Mats

    Mine is OLD as hell... Bottom part is a OLD clipboard! (used way back in school) and a 5 year mouse pad (normal) works very well as the clipboard is a little surface for the mousepad so i can move it anywhere.
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    Something about YOU.

    For me and my sis, we LOVE our hair... long hair, let it fly freely in the wind. Toss it back and forth.. we love our long hair =) You get idea...
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    I found the issue in winmx!

    I looked closer. Rem we all see "make secondary connection" Well I never payed attention to it till now... what it is is that OTHER USERS use YOUR PC and Bandwitdh to do their searches and all that! This ALSO uses your PC cpu power. SOOO. Either turn your mode to secondary (And I dont know if...
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    New Winmx 3.22 issue?

    Ok with the new winmx ive noticed its a CPU hog! For some reason it takes like 40-75% of the CPU process. (See task manager) when you load a simple game, or DivX player it laggs. Is it just me or is anyone else noticing this lag in other programs with new winmx? Ive had to set prioity mode to...
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    Moods and Games

    I mean when the day is in a certain way (Air, or spring weather, fall, winter) different smells etc... reminds me of games and moods.. Like fall weather reminds me of Lunar and all and Vay and how I like playing it during that time. Winter, I play final fantasy etc.. FF2 I ALWAYS had smores pop...
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    Old terms and refs..

    Ok old terms... lets see whats STILL known in the newer generation.... PLEASE if you know the term, say yes, if not, say no... please dont give out the source of the term as this is tests to see if old terms and refs are still alive in this generation or if the new teens of today know them...
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    Im a Addict

    Hi Im Mysticales and Im a addict to Sega and Sega Cd. I love it and play it all the time. Im afraid not much life is left, MUST play another game! Im stuck in forums and emails and netplay. I wish to be healed, can you help? Please speak up if you have the same problem!
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    YESS!! 2 birds! 1 Stone!

    Thx to Anti for "convincing" me to try it. I saw that prog LONG ago but didnt want it... "Pay" and quite a high price. Anyways BOTH networking (The issue I had with XP and 2k) and ICS all working now! =))))))) Seems the prog redid the netowork IP settings and config and boom all is setup!
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    Bomberman BASH

    This saturday we will "try" to hold a 4 player Bman BASH! We can supply the rom for you, it will be on the server. The time is up to you! HOWEVER rem this! We arent all in the USA! Just know this, Germany is 6 hours ahead of EST, USA. So talk about the times please!
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    2 PC, 1 Hub, 1 dsl modem

    I mean I hear I need 2 network cards on one PC to share them. Is there a way JUST to use 1 net card and so? i know there was a program but dont feel like buying it... too much $$$, at home cable was easier.... buy another IP and boom I was set... stupid dsl..