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  1. bellardb

    Saturn chat

    Is anybody interested in having a real time Saturn chat thingy...maybe SegaXtreme could even host it. What do ya say fellas? I already have AIM so let's use it.
  2. bellardb


    Y'all must be blind! Three words: Panzer Dragoon Saga!!! The case is closed. zzz
  3. bellardb

    Mr bones !

    Mr. Bones got very high reviews in Electronic Gaming Monthly. Very niche title I'm afraid. You're chances of seeing a sequel are probably nil...but take heart, Sega's made stranger moves in the past! By the by, I'm expecting my own copy of Mr. Bones shortly via trade. My mint Shining Wisdom...
  4. bellardb

    Is MY Saturn DEAD ?!

    He's dead Jim....
  5. bellardb

    Someboby needs to start posting here...

    I just picked up Shinobi Legions for 10 bucks(canadian)....Let's see them sony sluts beat that!!!
  6. bellardb

    what is the best way to play a cdr

    Uhh...I not very smart...even more spiffic pwease? ???
  7. bellardb


    I have about 30 original Saturn games and a back up copy of Shining Wisdom. A friend of mine wants to trade Mr. Bones and Castlevania Bloodlines for my original copy of Shining Wisdom. The only problem is that my game is in mint condition; his Mr. Bones is pretty roughed up and Castlevania is...
  8. bellardb

    what is the best way to play a cdr

    I have one of those carts! How do I use it to make swapping easier?
  9. bellardb


    Has anyone wrecked their Saturn by doing the "swap trick" repeatedly?