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    New Sega hardware?

    *sigh*...dreamcast...definately a highly underrated system..
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    Strange error...

    did u check the country code before you burned it?
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    The dreamcast controller

    i dunno..i kinda like the DC pad....its much better than the XBOX controller that's for sure..
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    Someboby needs to start posting here...

    Saturn kicks sony butt!! in the fighting game department..take XMEN Vs SF for example..the PS version doean't even allow you to "truly" switch characters...
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    That might be it..thanks arakon..i'll try another copy.. (taelon: all 60 were burned successfully... i made about 7/7 coaster with cdrwin..) tried that taelon.. (Edited by CrazyTaxi at 10:40 pm on April 11, 2002)
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    DreamCast 2!!!! (its a truth or fake)

    i think there were rumours of a dc2 in egm a long while back but not with specs like that..
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    At a crossroads with my Saturn

    I would call the saturn the "Fighting Engine" can probably guess why..
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    Phantasy Star Online

    get them to reset the number in the central server..most people have done this for pso v2...due to the numerous problems...
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    oh and don't worry my consoles are working perfectly, modchips, country conversions etc... I have burned over 60saturn games before...i would convert the bin to an iso but there are 2 iso files within the bin way to get around this? (Edited by CrazyTaxi at 9:40 pm on April 2, 2002)
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    Sorry to bother you guys; whenever i burn a game wioth tells me that the burn is successful, but when i go to my burner in Windows Explorer and click on it to see the contents of the cd that is in the drive it says "please insert cd" - the game is actually burned i can see the...
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    Is my mod chip faulty?

    you can use easy cd creator providing that the game is only one iso file...if it has any mp3s you won't be able to burn them along with the iso..some games only have one mp3 file and this is the file that usually says "the disc is only for use with sega saturn..." so you aren't missing anything...
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    Am I shit

    When you fight akira in VF1 its not that hard...its all about timing...blocks...attacks..etc..button mashing most likely won't work..
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    Windows 2000 and You

    i got NTI 3x to work on and install the latest atapi drivers first then NTI should work..(i never got a bluescreen with this..but u might be different so take caution...)
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    Am I shit

    I'm good with lion and shun...
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    yep...i learned that the hard way...(luvkily i did it on my other comp that didn't have much on it anyway)
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    Does xmen vs sf need RAM cart?

    Well in terms of gameplay and whatnot it is technically the same...the characters are different though...
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    Help !

    is your AV cable plugged in correctly?
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    Am I shit

    Do u have the original VF...i would say that the hardest character (or cheapest) on the original VF is Pai..
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    game workin wierd

    How did u burn the games? What format? iso/mp3? burning program?
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    Pacific Mall (Largest Chinese Mall in TO)

    Hey I've been there several times...It's amazing!!! are Fundesk and Yan Lucky still around?