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    ipod question

    Whats the best way to get songs off of your ipod and onto your computer? is there a program that will do this?
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    Google Talk It's out. If you didn't know. It's cool, but no file transfer support. It's just for talking, not for like, bloated extras...:(
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    How many people have you had sex with!?

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    Elitetorrents shut down :'(

    Elitetorrents shut down :'( The Department of Homeland Security raided and shut down Elitetorrents today. Yes, bittorrent users are terrorists.
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    This game is for ps2 and xbox as well, but I played it on the PC. It's awesome, the level design is simply twisted and ingenious. I highly suggest playing this game.
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    Stupid government, fry the bitch
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    DVDRW Question

    Is there any way to burn a DVD RW so that it emulates a CDRW? For instance: I have a bootable ISO image, but it's for CD's only I'm guessing, so is there any way to make it burn on a DVD? I recall doing this before but i don't remember how. thx
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    Electoral College certification stopped! (the AP story is here, most recent) holla back at pwning corrupt elections.
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    New Kega Fusion (0.1e)

    # Fixed a small problem with the SegaCD CDD # Fixed VGM issue # Fixed "Streets of Rage" sound problem # More machines should now work without having to drop to "Alternate Timing" mode # Added "Sleep While Waiting" option # Upped the number of render plugins to 16 # Updated render plugin...
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    arafat dies

    he's dead he's dead no articles up yet though, sorry! It probably has to do with that brain hemmorage thing. I hope isreal doesn't fuck up and wipe palestine off the map.
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    FireFox 1.0

    FireFox 1.0 is out! Go grab it from :)
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    dear gwb

    i'm drunk and you can go fuck yourself! :agree :agree :banana :banana :blah :blah i hope he loses :/
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    Dear Cynni

    I love you. :wub: :wub: :wub: :wub: :wub: :wub: :wub: :wub:
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    My new addiction
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    Tribes 3

    anyone play? like? hate? tell me plzzzzz
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    I'm back. :banana
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    I hate to say this

    but j00 guys fux0r3d Karny's board
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    It's Alive!

    It's Alive! Instead of giving a long speech, or anything, I think I will allow the site to speak for itself. VGRebirth (Beta) Is Officially Launched!
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    All things eventually come to an end, this is unfortunate but true. I've been with SegaXtreme for a few years now, and seen the site go through it's ups and downs. I have met many good people through the site, and many jerks. I joined SegaXtreme about the time RevQuixo and Mowgli did a few...
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    Does the preorder condition only apply to the Japanese release and not the English release I'm assuming? (for the 2 games that it supposadly comes with)