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  1. Yuffi


    I currently have a Bana mag. I am a Force user. According to every site I see it says the ratio I should use is 50 Def. and 150 Magic. Do I need that much majic? Should I add some DEX or POW? Some help would be nice?
  2. Yuffi

    Phantasy Star Online

    I decided just for the heck of it to play Phantasy Star Online, but I can't find my save files anywhere. My copy works with my Dreamcast, so thats not the problem. I just happen to lost my save files. I decided to download save files to my computer and transfer them to my VMU, but since the...
  3. Yuffi

    Play me Dreamcast games on a emulator

    My Dreamcast died, so I thought I would play them on the computer. I downloaded NullDC and Demul, but I couldn't figure it out. Do I have to use another emulator? Thank you
  4. Yuffi

    Game Saves collect project

    Thanks man. Downloading right now
  5. Yuffi

    Game Saves collect project

    I am guessing all the saves are on the pskai 7zip file. Also are their instructions?
  6. Yuffi

    Game Saves collect project

    I tried to download from this link, but it said the link had expired. Could you repost them
  7. Yuffi

    Sega Saturn Game Saves (Game Exchange)

    I tried that, but none of the links work anymore
  8. Yuffi

    Sega Saturn Game Saves (Game Exchange)

    I wanted to know if anybody as some Saturn game saves they can share. Back in the day Sega had there own game exchange, via the Planet Web browser. As I was going through the website I noticed a Saturn Collection thread, I tried to download the saves but they are no longer available. Wanted to...