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    Alundra port/clone

    I have been working on the beginnings of an Alundra engine for saturn. Alundra is a tile-based adventure game for playstation. What sets it apart from others is it is a 3d platformer of sorts but rendered isometrically from the front. I have made an alundra clone engine for windows but this...
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    An exciting development

    Over at assemblergames user jhl has dumped the sh-1 rom and reported that he knows how to load code from the mpeg card slot.
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    new saturn developer

    Hello, I am a long time Saturn enthusiast now interested in developing for the platform. I am familiar with the hardware from ripping graphics and data from a saturn game several years ago. I'll stick around here while I develop my first game (2d-rpg). My plan is to do 16 color animated...