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    ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!! still no luck. the closest i can get is a "file creation error". that's a lot closer than i've been yet to success. i'm just going to blame it on the file i guess. i'll try to dump an American bin and make sure i'm doing it right. JT, thanx a million for opening my eyes. milk
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    hate to sound like an idiot, (whoops, too late now) but i have searched the forums over for instructions on using the scdconv. i found 2 but for some reason i still can't get it to work. does anyone have the patience to write a quick little step by step, or point me in the direction of something...
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    i've been swapping for a while now. about 2 years. i have started to notice lately that i have to swap back and forth 2-3 times on some backups before i can play. not sure if this is from swapping, ( i'd like to think i treat my baby very well) or just from being used so much for so long...