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  1. Pinchy

    Finally made a working modchip

    Well I finally made a working modchip for the saturn. It has been buggin me for ever and I started the project way back a few months after hacking up a 21pin modchip in another thread and worked off and on it since then. Took a long time just to understand the protocol for commands and data...
  2. Pinchy

    I need a CDC test suite

    Hi, I need some example or information on how to access sectors on the saturn using the CDC library. CDC_GetSctData is one function in paticular that im interested in. Im trying to figure out the commands coming from the saturn that are sent to the cd controller board. So I need some test...
  3. Pinchy

    Hacked a 21pin mod to 20 pin saturn

    Here are some notes on how I hacked the 21 pin modchip to a 20 pin Saturn. [the one available from Jandaman] 21 pin Saturn: //mod chip legend// *=used but not altered +=pad selector for 4MHz clock X=used and replaced data stream Y=signal conditioned ;<strobe>-||-/\/\/\-GND *1 -> IC 20...