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  1. vbt

    Project Z-Treme

    @XL2 is ready for next SAGE contest :
  2. vbt

    YZB's 4MB hacks

    thanks for sharing the hacks here
  3. vbt

    Any homebrew apps to view JPEG

    there is not yet a jpeg picture viewer but Mic dic a library to read jpec on saturn :
  4. vbt

    (HELP) Translate the game "Phantasm"

  5. vbt

    Create your 2D games for the Sega Dreamcast, Nintendo Wii and PC with the new Titan IDE!

    thanks for this new release, wii is a great addition to the titan ide, did you drop the saturn support ?
  6. vbt

    Wolf4SDL for Sega Saturn

    it's moving slowly, there are still bugs but walls, ennemies and static items are rendered as sprites :
  7. vbt

    Translating Fire Pro Wrestling S : 6Men Scramble

    well done, always good to see a new translation in progress for saturn !
  8. vbt

    Minimum Size for slPCMOn?

    it was written in the docs (surely sbl) and i've texted under 0x900, i didn't play
  9. vbt

    Wolf4SDL for Sega Saturn

    with the great help of ReyeMe i'm moving sprites & walls rendering from bitmap rendering to saturn distorded sprites.
  10. vbt

    Alundra port/clone

    unfortunatly @surixurient has disappeared :( he did impressive job with this Alundra port/clone He had analyzed/decoded moste alundra event.
  11. vbt

    Translating Lunar Silver Star Story

    thanks @klarth !
  12. vbt

    Best/Favorate Windows Version

    XP rules :) I've addded W8,WV,W10
  13. vbt

    Game Saves collect project

    i downloaded saves from the PAR some years ago, it was either with the original tools coming with the isa card(my first guess) or later usb data link tools.
  14. vbt

    Game Saves collect project

    yes you can add these saves to the SDM, i can't say how good they were.
  15. vbt

    New ODE on the way

    thanks to @Ced2911 I got a fenrir ! you add the dev card (@cafe-alpha ) and it should be the best dev environment ! :banana::rockin::rock: :beerchug:
  16. vbt

    Ultraman for everybody - hack by SmokeMonster

    Enjoy it here !
  17. vbt

    Game Saves collect project

    some saves here :
  18. vbt

    Pseudo Saturn Kai official thread

    i own this multi-game adapter too, it doesn't allow to save games, you can only run JP games on EUR saturn , i got it with bio hazard
  19. vbt

    Jo Engine Multitap Demo

    nice demo ! let's hope you will extend your demo
  20. vbt

    Boot file location identification

    saturn reads the first file of the CD and loads it at the address defined in the IP.BIN