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    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles coming on GC

    already out in the states ive heard good things at my local eb im workin on a complete gc set but ill probley get the wii version first
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    Wii - Wing Island

    havent played it my self but i heard it wasnt that great :/
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    the godfather blackhand edtion

    does anyone else love this game? i got it last week and i cant let it go the wiimote controls r amazing and it feels good to choke people :P only other version i have played is the xbox version and this one is 10 times better ive had people tell me its better then the 360's as well (not gfx wise...
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    Rumour : new wiimote and Firefox on Wii ?

    they have a recharge station it comes with 2 battery packs and they last for around 25 hrs
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    Sonic and the Secret Rings

    i played this at a local ebgames and i thought it was pretty good u hold the remote like u do in excite truck the game has nice gfx and runs very smooth i only got to play it for a couple min but i will def be pickin this title up soon
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    NEO-GEO and MSX to Virtual Console

    i dont care about msx but i cant wait for some good neogeo fighters :)
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    Rumour : an external HDD for the Wii ?

    I saw this coming i think its a great idea that way they could add an online demo service as well so we can try the newest wii games out hopefully its atleast 20gb and a decent price
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    What was the last N64 game ?

    it was tony hawk 3 which sucked btw
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    Upcoming NDS emu

    im not for it either everyone should have a ds anyways the system rocks
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    Messiah Entertainment, Inc: Generation NEX

    i had one for awhile big pile of shit alot of games are glitchy and yes my nes games are clean some games also dont work at all cough cough castlevania 3 cough also the wireless controllers they sell are the most useless controllers ever! they conflict with each other even though they have 4...
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    Wii online...

    call of duty 3 probley will
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    $250 is TOO MUCH for the Wii!

    the n64 was 249 then droped to 199 on release day i remember going to sears and someone returned one cuz it had av cables and not a rf switch i got it fro 179 :P
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    i cant wait :)
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    Anyone interested in StarFoxDS?

    i liked the snes title but after that blah i might try the ds one tho
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    What's the Virtual Consoles Game Count Gonna Be?

    i think nintendo might still be able to use some of the games from companies that went under since the games were lisenced by nintendo from what i heard theres going to be around 20 games on released day and they will add 10 games a month
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    What are the best N64 games ?

    mario 64,golden eye, and conker r my favs
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    PS3 Delayed !!!

    it wont be a hit in my area everyone wants to try blu ray but im sure 75% of ps3s will break i could careless about blu ray when it comes to sony im pretty carefull
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    $250 is TOO MUCH for the Wii!

    250 isnt bad even if the 360 drops i would rather have a wii i had a 360 for a month and didnt really enjoy any of the games(except dead rising but even that got old) it seems to me PlaceboHead your all about the newest gfx so in that case you should get a 360 i plan on preordering a wii today...
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    Create Your OWN Wii Rumor Here!!!

    nintendo release the wii and it takes over the world
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    New Bubble Bobble game onNDS !!! :D

    i have it preordered for us comes out next month :) ill let u know how it is