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    Any DOS gurus here?

    Can anyone help me out with writing a menu batch file? It would end up looking something like this: Alexander Theatre Lighting PC 1. Remote console 2. Node 3. Offline Editor 4. Exit to DOS This batch file would be run by the autoexec.bat and would in turn run either remote.bat...
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    Windows "Vista" pics

    It all looks a bit OS X-ish to me. ;) Eye candy extreme
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    Bomb blasts in London

    Two people have been killed and scores have been injured after at least seven blasts on the Underground network and a double-decker bus in London. BBC news :(
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    Are you drawn to the light or dark side of the force? Force-o-meter I'm Mace Windu. You are a Supreme bad-ass Jedi who resinates with the force. Yoda is your best mate.
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    Post your desktop

    I really do need to clean up. :lol: [attachmentid=1217] I'll take a pick of my new desktop at work when I'm in next. :D
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    Upgrading from one Radeon to another...

    I'm upgrading from a Radeon 9600 to an x800 pro. Yeah, a bit of a step up. :D Anyway, will the already installed Catalyst drivers be OK as they are, or should I uninstall and reinstall them as I change over cards?
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    MEKA 0.70 + MEKA Sources released

    Source: My Inbox
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    What country are you?

    The Country Quiz* You're Libya! It seems that these days, you just say things to get attention. Shock value is the really important thing for you now. You used to have a cause, and this made you seem like a threat to the established order, but now you just want to say wacky stuff once in a...
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    Desktop or Tower

    I'd typed a big whinge story, but I've decided to get rid of it. No need for the negative energy. :D The question - I'm building a PC to use at work out of bits that I have cluttering up the house, but I needed to buy a motherboard. I got an ABIT NF7-S only to find that it needs the extra 12v...
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    Hunter S Thompson dead

    Journalist and author Hunter S. Thompson, who unleashed the concept of "gonzo journalism" in books like "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas," fatally shot himself in the head Sunday at his home near Aspen, Colorado, police and his family said. Link :(
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    My Supergun

    I recently built a new supergun because I'd modified my old one to suit my needs, but I was having problems with wires breaking and it had become an unrelaible mess. I also wanted to add a couple of buttons but the supergun's case was sealed tight and it looked like I'd break it before opening...
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    Which do you prefer?

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    My next arcade machine

    I'm resigned to the fact that my F1 Exhaust Note machine is going to have to go because I don't have the room for it - it's too big and bulky. I've always wanted to get or build a machine that I could easily put my System 16, 18, 32, ST-V and now NAOMI games into and one that a small PC could...
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    Yes or no?

    Yes or no?
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    Post your arcade game list

    To celebrate the fact that I've got my not so supergun going again, I feel it's time to post my game, and PCB, list. :D My collection is in a bit of disarray, so forgive me if I miss a few. ;) Complete games: Racing Hero F1 Exhaust Note twin Pre system 16: Quartet 2 Space Harrier...
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    Firewalls and dial up

    I friend of mine recently asked me about a firewall for her PC. She only uses a dial up internet connection, which I wouldn't have thought worth worrying about, but she was quite adamant about needing one. Is a firewall a must for everybody these days?
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    Celeron vs Pentium III

    I recently aquired an old Celeron when I upgraded a friend's PC. It's a little too sluggish for my liking so I want to turf the current CPU for something with a little more speed. Which would run better, a Celeron 1.4 GHz or a P III 1.26 GHz? BTW, the PC already has PC133 ram.
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    Upgrading OS vs Clean Install

    Are there any significant disadvantages in performing an upgrade install compared to doing a clean istall?
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    Mobile Athlon XP CPUs

    I'm wanting to run a couple of my PCs a bit quieter, but without sacrificing temperature so I'd been thinking about using mobile Athlons instead. They're not that much more expensive to buy and sound like they will run a heck of a lot cooler, hence allowing a slower CPU fan, hence less noise...
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    What to do when you suspect your boss is a thief?

    At work we have an honesty fridge that we have full of chocolate, softdrinks (soda or pop to some of you) and most importantly, beer. The basic idea is that it makes some money to provide things for the staff that work just won't cover, like a new TV or something similar while also keeping...