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    Cheap plug!

    Silo Romano My group. Electronic music in IDM style... check it out, tell me what you think?
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    Dreamcast problem

    Hey everyone, I know it's been awhile since I've posted here but I know the crowd here can probably help me out. My oldest Dreamcast has an interesting problem... the drive doesn't spin anymore and when it rarely does it makes a clicky noise as it spins. Does anyone know what this could be, and...
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    Genesis-related question

    I'm not sure if this is the right place to ask this but it seemed the most appropriate. I bought a copy of Landstalker and the save function doesn't work. I was wondering if the game uses battery-backed RAM and if it does, is it possible to replace the battery (because it would likely be dead by...
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    Dreamcast vs. crappy controller

    I have a couple of friends who dumped three completely fine Dreamcasts on me... for repair. The same thing is definately wrong with all three of them. One of my friends had a controller (he doesn't know which one) which broke port A of three different machines. Two of his own and a third...
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    sh asm syntax question

    I haven't posted at SX forever but as soon as I ran into my problem, I figured I would take it to you guys. I'm screwing around with SBL6, and I wanted to recompile it under gcc 3.2 (I figure with the improvements since ~2.7, it wouldn't hurt). All the C code builds mostly fine, with a few...
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    anyone have afslnk?

    Does anyone have this laying around? I can't find it anywhere. (It's a program that can compile *.adx files into one *.afs.)
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    Saturn program question

    I was wondering if it would be possible to make a Saturn program execute a child program. A reason for this would to be to create trainers, etc... Any info appreciated.
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    Genesis model 1 and model 2 sound differences?

    Does anyone else notice a difference between the sound of a model 1 and the sound of a model 2 Genesis? In particular, the PSG sound in a model 1 is quieter, there is more sustain on some instruments, etc. The model 1 also sounds "softer". My theory (feel free to shoot it down and kill it) is...
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    32x = complete crap?

    I don't know if anyone else has this problem, but I have 2 32x's, and neither one of them are very reliable. I've tried a bunch of different setups, and no matter what combination of Genesis and 32x, all I get is an unstable Genesis that barely plays 32x games. So far the most stable setup I can...
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    New topic for Grandia Translation

    I got the English Grandia for PSX from the local video rental. Copied it (shh! don't tell :)) and looked over it... all of its text is ASCII. Jesus... Upon further investigation of the Saturn version: thanks to the PSX version, I believe I found the text. It does not appear to be in _any_ JIS...
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    Need help with stuff...

    If you aren't aware, (you probably aren't, as I haven't really told anyone) I've been tinkering with possibly doing a translation of Grandia for Saturn. As you can imagine, I need help. First off: Does anyone know anything about the ADX audio format? I know many DC games use it, and Grandia on...
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    CD32 kicks!

    CD32 is the best console ever!!! ... Sorry, it was just so sad to see a forum with no posts...