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    hey guys just wanted to show u all this what i got ahold of today its a final fantasy x-2 promo stand its nearly life size iv got pics to
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    pick the one u like :)
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    hey ppl i not been here for AGGGGES but im looking for res evil games again i have lots to trade lemme know if u want to trade nay of it for any res evil game i dont have first heres the res evils i have i may want them again if your version is better condition res evil zero (pal) res evil GC...
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    New 3d saturn game

    hey guys im after any1 who wants to make a new 3d game on the saturn i can model all the things needed but cant programe so if any of u guys wanna start a new project msg me and lemme know thx
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    what would unreleased game BETAS sell for?

    humm i dont think your allowed to sell betas correct me if im wrong of course but its meant to be for the person who signed up for it.
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    Short and Sweet

    The streaming section has been taken down till we get it fixed.
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    Sonic The Movie Shows Today

    lol yea that gif is 1mb i guess i wasnt thinking about the poor 56kers coz my bb runs it fine lol its coming down today anyway was only up for the first day. yea iv had a few comments that the characters voice sound funny but they used diff actors from the original tv series so its gonna sound...
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    Sonic The Movie Shows Today

    yea sorry about that it kinda sucks hopefully ill get that sorted later on in life
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    Sonic The Movie Plays Today

    Hey everyone just letting u all know if you dont read the news the Sonic The Hedgehog Movie streams today on the streaming section if your interested about it if u have any problems with it especially the 56kers part plz let me know so i can get it right . meyitzo
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    Sonic The Movie Shows Today

    Hey everyone today is very exciting for us here at Segaxtreme for its the day of our first official stream, Sonic The Hedgehog The Movie Sorry it was suppose to be up at 8AM but we had problems with the server but its up now for you all to enjoy so go to the Streaming section and check it out...
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    humm u know ice aint doing the 3do site i took over ages ago
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    Hey everyone well after much work put into the streaming section we are ready to kick off. We will be showing a premiere of Sonic The Hedgehog the movie on 05/26/03 at 8AM. It will be showing for two weeks then will be taken down so if yall want to see it you only have 2 weeks to download or...
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    Sega Xtreme NEEDS YOU!!

    Now that we have fully tested our Streaming section on the site we need you the public to help us out. What would you like to see on the stream any ideas comments anything you would like to say about it all email Meyitzo. We need any1 who would like to be a news reader for our streaming show we...
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    Time spent at SX

    yup i live here thats just coz i work on it tho hehe
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    SX Online Video Stream

    Hey everyone well with much time gone into this i have finally got the stream section working it SHOULD be easy to use now all thats available is the sonic music video iv been testing the system with so if all of u 56kers can plz test out the 56k section and let me know how well it runs for u it...
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    SX Online Video Stream

    We will be offering both streaming and a downloadable file for those ppl who don't wanna stream. Just sorting out the main SX live page now.
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    SX Online Video Stream

    Well, one does have broadband, so u can watch streaming with no probs. It's all a matter of opinion. If u don't like streaming media, then simply don't use it. We are working on the 56k version. It's not great quality atm anyway. It may be best to download if you're on 56k, but hey it's all...
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    SX Online Video Stream

    Yea, it's not gonna be broadcast live, it's just ummm live streaming. Streaming is cool for ppl who like it. It's much faster than downloading the whole file waiting till it's done and then watching it!!!!!!!!!!!
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    SX Online Video Stream

    Yup, as you all have probably noticed, it says Sega twice on the SX intro. It's suppose to say Sega Xtreme, but I didn't have an Xtreme sound effect, so it got Sega twice. If any1 can send me a sample of Xtreme, it would help a great deal. Remember to shout it out.
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    SX Online Video Stream

    Ok ppl, less with the bitching about the stream. Some of u might not see the point in it, but when it's up and running, u will ever wondered how u lived without it. It's just a test at the moment, nothing more. The main purpose of it is to get a streaming Sega tv show runing with reviews, news...