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    Planet 3DO MEGA-UPDATE!

    Planet 3DO MEGA-UPDATE!!! Come to Planet 3DO and see just what we've been up to! * Featuring up to-the-minute 3DO News and Developments! Emulator news! Good Deal Games update! Our very first interview! 3DO on mIRC! And so much more! * An all new Pop Quiz with a cool prize package! * All...
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    Where to buy?

    Hey all! Been thinking about getting a Neo-Geo. Is there anywhere out there I might be able to find a console other that ebay?
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    check into...PLANET 3DO!

    Just wanted to let all my fellow 3DOers that my site "Planet 3DO" has been, at long last, updated! Updated: Cheats section added, nine games featured. Links button fixed, links section up. 3DO FAQ added. Pop Quiz ends February 1st. Winner will be announced shortly afterward (If Yahoo will...