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  1. RazorX

    Sega Saturn Ram Cartridge PCB Images

    Here are the pcb images for the sega saturn ram cartridges. 1Mb Cartridge (2x HM514260CJ-7): Front Back 4Mb Cartridge (2x HY5118164BJC-60): Front Back
  2. RazorX

    Sega Saturn Movie Card PCB Images

    I couldn't find any images of this online so i took pictures of mine, sorry my phone is not the greatest. External: Internal: Top Bottom
  3. RazorX

    Saturn Cartridge PCB Edge Help

    Hey guys, Does anyone know where i can get the sega saturn cartridge pcb edge eagle library file from? I was going to look into making my own custom ram cartridge and it would really help a lot if i could start off with an accurate pcb edge and pinout, It would save me a lot of time thanks. This:
  4. RazorX

    [Release] Phantasy Star Online Section ID Calculator v0.2

    Hey guys here is a nice little section id calculator i made for pso, I know there are section id calculators out there already but i was never happy about how basic they were especially for new players so i decided to make one myself which shows you some handy info and some simple...
  5. RazorX

    [Release] GDMenu Theme Manager v0.9a

    Hey guys here is a pc app i made to allow you to change the look of the GDMenu theme, This app contains some themes i've made as well as some other people have made and it also contains the following: GDEMU SD 1.10 GIMP2 Saves (Templates for making your own theme) - Optional GDEMU Games List...
  6. RazorX

    Action Replay 4M Plus Dual Boot Mod

    Hey guys here is a simple mod i have done to my Action Replay 4M Plus cartridge so i can dual boot the Action Replay firmware as well as the Pseudo Saturn Kai Lite firmware or a different firmware, For anyone interested here is the guide i've done. This guide is for Action Replays with 2x...