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    Pseudo Saturn Kai official thread

    thank you for you reply Yes i had some isues with originals too. I didnt use my saturn for a long time i cleaned the lens and now all games and backups are ok i tried Silhouette Mirage and it works fine too.
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    I have a original copy of Darxide but it is not for sale since i dont need money actually. It costs me about 15 euro. In fact it was 2500 ptas since i bought it in 1997. I never payed in my life more than 60 euros for a game. i was very surprised when i saw the price of this game thats insane...
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    Pseudo Saturn Kai official thread

    Hello I have this kind of isue on a Sega Saturn model 2 pal with action replay 4mb but i can boot the game the most of the times switching of the console and try again. Actually i booted all the games i tested but many times i had to try a few times. So it must be a problem with the cd-r . i am...