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  1. vbt

    Sega Doubling Down on PC Efforts After Finding Success on Steam

    Sega PC is back ! we can expect some good games ports coming on steam. source : Sega Doubling Down on PC Efforts After Finding Success on Steam - The FPS Review
  2. vbt

    Ultraman for everybody - hack by SmokeMonster

    Enjoy it here !
  3. vbt

    Sega Wants to Hear Your Thoughts for the Company’s 60th Anniversary

    more details here : for Japanese :
  4. vbt

    cross compiler with 68K and SH2 (and x86) support

    @DamageX wrote a nice cross compiler for Saturn,32x, x68k, here are more details : Check here : Compiler : Some saturn samples are provided (in ASM or NOSH2)
  5. vbt

    build your own saturn

    and also PS1 thanks to bandai :
  6. vbt

    Bubble Bobble is baaaaccckkkk!!!

    on switch only ...
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    Pseudo Saturn Kai : Find the Easter Egg

    Pseudo Saturn Kai v6.314 : Easter Egg ! Written by cafealpha 17 july 2019 no comments That's a bit late for Easter, but did someone noticed the one hidden in Pseudo Saturn Kai v6.314 ? Easter Egg in Pseudo Saturn Kai v6.314 This can be triggered by a key combo from Pseudo Saturn Kai...
  8. vbt

    FreePrince (Prince Of Persia)

    i'm trying to port FreePrince on Saturn, it's another game running on SDL 1.X like XRick & Wolf3D The game is not yet playable, if someone wants to help, source is here : current status : the surfaces ane not displayed at the right place, broderbun software...
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    for sonic cd fans : the vynils
  10. vbt

    Streets of rage 4

    some good news
  11. vbt

    Phantom Gear on kickstarter soon

    Really promising game by mega cats studio, a kickstarter will follow soon
  12. vbt

    SolSeraph by SEGA

  13. vbt

    Arcade Racing Legend for the 20 years of the Dreamcast

    a kickstarter will start soon, the game will be published by josh prod, i'm wondering who is behind the game, can it be the xenocider engine behind ?
  14. vbt


    some videos online are pointing to games developped for segaxtreme contests, also games translated like ninpen manmaru and are available for purchasing !! GunSlinginNinja (https:// /) Sega Saturn collectors and gamers. (https://
  15. vbt

    Sakura Wars Translation

    more details on twitter : NSteam (@PieceSteam) | Twitter
  16. vbt

    Some megadrive mini news !

    sega revealed a part of the titler list here : メガドライブミニ
  17. vbt

    [MD] Panorama coton translated

    Panorama Cotton is a fun, colorful cute ‘em up rail shooter. This patch translates the attract, story, and ending text as well as most of the graphics into English. It also makes some small tweaks to the credits and end game messages for aesthetic and flow reasons. Source : Panorama Cotton
  18. vbt

    Sega Saturn 25th Anniversary

    translated by google : Source : 『セガサターン25周年大感謝祭ステージ』エントリーページ
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    Kickstarter : Next Gen Dreamcast Controller

    What is the Retro Fighters Next Gen Dreamcast Controller? The Next Gen Sega Dreamcast Controller by Retro Fighters is a modern take on the original Dreamcast controller. We wanted to remake the Dreamcast controller with next generation features and designs! Draft Drawing Next Gen Sega...
  20. vbt

    [PROTO] Alien Trilogy (Jul 23, 1996)

    another proto released recenty by Cut_Into_Fourteen_Pieces & The embedded Sega build date on the disc is 1995-04-18 (about 15 months before the NTSC or PAL releases), but the filesystem timestamps are all from 1996-07-23 (about a week before the PAL release build). Unclear if...