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    Sega Dreamcast: Last Hope Limited Edition Sold Out!

    damn I missed out, I was waiting till I got paid tomorrow and I am stuck with the regular version, oh well.
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    I would have to err on the side of Lurker, although once upon a time I was a heavy regular contributor...
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    Segaxtreme will soon be closing [Updated]

    I have been a longtime member, but as of late more a lurker than anything else, but this site has always been a sega-spot for me... a great place for everything sega and more.. so I would like to contribute to the site as well.
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    Outrun 2006 hidden tracks ?

    does anyone ever play any of the console games online I have never been able to fins anyone playing this one?
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    Free USB FlashDrive from Micro$oft.

    crap... 16mg... WTF can I do with that??? LOL... oh well its free.
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    Double Dragon

    this game was easily one of my fav's on the master system, toping it off, it was free if you bought, If I remember right, two games, or maybe 3, I forget, but I remember a mail in dealy- for it, but what a GREAT port... omfg.... this game still rocks.....
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    What games have you bought lately?

    I just picked up Carmegeddon 64 (for the Nintendo 64), got it for 4.99, not too shabby, been looking for that one for quite some time now.
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    Great game still playin it today... awesome..
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    Shining Force Neo Released.

    I picked this up last friday but hadn't had a chance to even open it yet, but it looks good, and I am optemist.
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    Help me stop this guy selling sega CD bootlegs

    I know of this guy, he is bad news, I have emailed him a while back, and he never admitted they were copies, this guy has been selling them, over and over, he wants to get top dollar for the one game he is selling... bastard.
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    Its comming, its new, its MAME/ROMS to play and be downloaded onto your pc, wha??? visit WWW.GAMETAP.COM. The folks at Turner Broadcasting are behind, this company. Their strategy is this 14.95 a month, and you can download, 1000's of retro games, from the most popular consoles, I think upto and...
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    Suikoden 1+2 headed for PSP this is great news, but only if they get released here, now that would ROCK..
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    XBOX gets a freakin emmy

    LOL... This sounds like a joke, looks like a joke, but isn't a joke, MS will be honored on September 29th with an EMMY for its Innovative XBOX live gaming service. Holy crap, a freakin emmy... nice job Bill, I'll bet he never saw that one commin... :)...
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    SEAMAN 2!!!!!

    wow, I didn't know there was a PS2 version of seaman... nice... and that controller... super sweeet.
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    SEAMAN 2!!!!! nice news, its going to be on the PS2... *hopes for XBOX* ..... but hey, its a nice step in a good direction.
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    Test your SMS/Saturn knowledge!

    lol.. what is that shooter? It aint US... thats for sure..
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    NCAA Football 2k games

    I have 2k3 for the box, and its nice, its comparable, like IT290 said, to its NFL brother, so if you have played that, then its right up your alley. if not, its still good and well worth a try
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    Test your SMS/Saturn knowledge!

    So far 38 on saturn, the best I can do for right now. Gonna work on the others soon
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    Happy 6 year B-day

    Wow, 6 years ago today I got my Dreamcast, and I can still remember playing Sonic Adventure for the first time, and being blown away... Man the Dreamcast is/was a great system, its demise was premature and Wrong, but at least it lives through Homebrew and other titles.... sweeet. Long live the...
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    Sky Rocketing Gas Prices

    you're right, I know the bush's have ALOT to gain in the GAS price jump, its a shame that the american people have to suffer as a result.... damn money, damnnn it...