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    Sega Genesis/SCD combo failing

    So I thought I've dealt with every problem so far with a Genesis... but this one caught me off guard. AND it happend to BOTH my Genesis's (1 model 1, and a model 2) So: Both Gennys get power and work. I can play any game on them just fine. Even when I hook them up to any of my SegaCDs they...
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    Video Card issue w/ hauppauge 500MCE

    OK, first off I have Windows MCE 2005, also I bought a single tuner capture card made by powercooler (powercooler T55e PCI-e 1X capture card) when first building it. I recently purchased a Hauppauge 500MCE dual tuner to make a total of 3. I know MCE only supports 2, but the third tuner will be...
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    Stupid server, firewall, something?

    So I just got myself an online account for PSU. I logged in for the first time, it downloaded a patch just fine and restarted. I go to log in and actually play and it gives me this error 51 crap. Now it states this error may be because the server is down for maintenance... but there are people...
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    Should I use AMD or Intel?

    I'm in the process of building a new computer and I am having a hard time deciding between AMD or intel. In the past I've always gone with intel as I wasn't much of a PC gamer and I did a lot of work intensive stuff that I always felt intel was better at. The thing is in recent years AMD has...
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    Hey Audiophiles! A lil' help please?

    Hey Audiophiles! A lil' help please? He is the run down. Pioneer Elite VSX-52TX THX Select EX Certified A/V Receiver w/ DTS decoder 60" JVC HDTV with HDMI (which my PC is hooked through) and the problem child: MSI MEGA PC 865 Deluxe TV Tuner Windows 2000 The PC has SPDIF out and in. I am...
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    Sell/Trade 2.8Ghz 533mhz FSB Intel Celeron D

    I have an Intel Celeron D I'd like to sell or trade Celeron D 2.8 Ghz 533Mhz FSB 256KB L2 Cache Socket 478 Boxed with heatsink, fan, manual, and heatpaste. I'm askin 77 shipped inside America and Canada... difference if outside of america/can If you happen to have a 2.0Ghz-2.53Ghz socket...
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    Songs wear pants?

    Songs to wear pants to Check this guy out... he writes songs by request on whatever topic you want in just about any genre. It is really cool and kind of "exploding dog"ish... if you know what exploding dog is that is.
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    Tax Question

    Last year I filed as "head of household" with my little brother as my dependant (2004 taxes). This year I am again filing him as my dependant. He died 4 months into the year (May 1st), but the rules say I am allowed to file with him as my dependant. The thing is I am wondering if I can also...
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    At home server for learning puspose

    Some of you may be getting tired of the boring questions I ask, but that is the way I am. I am someone who likes to learn and will read or build something with no real beneficial outcome except for the knowledge I gain from doing it. I love to ask questions and I am always asking 'why' when I do...
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    Question about GeForce Video Cards

    What version Geforce did they start putting hardware MPEG2 decoding into Geforce cards? I hear it was the GF4 MX series that started it, but then I hear that it is a misconception and is in some other card... (I know the GF4 Ti's don't have it) I know the 6X00's have it and the FX4X00's have...
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    WTB: used 4 port NIC card

    I want a PCI 4 port 10/100 NIC card. Used... I'm having a hard time find one for an affordable price on the web and seeing if anyone here may have one they are willing to spare for a lower price then these stores...
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    Hideo Kojima: "A videogame is not art!"

    I just picked up the periodical "Playstation Magazine" off of a neighbors desk. I don't ever read this magazine, but the cover caught my eye. It has an interview with Hideo Kojima (creator of 'Metal Gear' and one of my favorite games 'Snatcher') and underneath his name read the quote, "A...
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    What should I get?

    For Xmas I received an American Express Prepaid Credit Card. My father was gonna get me an LCD monitor I was raving about from newegg, but he didn't know which one I wanted nor did he know what the hell newegg was. Now that I got the card and the monitor I wanted is sold out I was debating...
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    Twice I've been hit on ebay in a row! grrrr

    Twice I've been hit on ebay in a row! grrrr I've ebayed since Jun-07-2000. I've done a lot of transactions and never had any problems. I've never had to leave a negative comment... not even a neutral. I have only received one neg. myself (back in 2000 on some movie that the bitch decided I...
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    My email account is sending worms!

    I have 5 email accounts. Yahoo... never fucking use, I've had it since 1997 and haven't touched it since except the casual log in to launch AOL... had this even longer, back since AOL no number, this is my spam dump, if I need to register somewher I use this account and let it fill up with...
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    XBOX DVD-Rom replacement

    2 of my friends had there DVD-ROMs go on their XBOXs. I knew about the Samsung 616F/T mod and told them if they wanted I would do it for them. My buddy Mantrozozozozos said he'll take the dive as it was only 30 bucks for the drive and I could learn on his expense. YEY! Well I went through...
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    Vote Rich "lowtax" Kyanka mayor of Silent Hill!

    It may not be Sega related, but I know there has to be Silent Hill fans here like myself and find this article down right HILARIOUS. go over to's website and read the article about voting the website's creator as the mayor of Silent Hill for some great fucking laughs! Would...
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    A really cute RPG.

    Check out this cute lil' flash RPG I found it and was hooked until I beat it... it actually took me a little while and is pretty fun trying to figure out which route to take so you get max everything. Try it out.
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    King of Comedy .sub file

    I am looking for just the .sub file for English subtitles for the movie Hei kek ji wong (The King of Comedy) I have been hunting for a month with no avail, do any of you have this movie or no of a place to get the file? I keep finding subtitles for the Scorsese film made in 83... I want the...
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    We so got our butt kicked!

    I live in South Florida... West Palm Beach to be exact. Right exactly where the eye passed over from hurricane Wilma. and it was FUN! WOOO HOOOO, we lost electricity for about 5 minutes, watched movies all night, ran around outside in the wind with umbrellas, watched more movies, tried to yell...